Get Japanese Student Visa-An Easy Guide

Do you want to study in Japan? If the answer is yes, then this is the right page for you. Millions of people dream about study in foreign states. Several states are providing international learning facilities. Japan is one of them. The main reason is that every country contains its learning course and teaching method.

Well, the study in the most developed countries is very significant. Japanese airports welcome millions of international students. So, in this content, you can find the student visa information. These details will guide you to apply for a Japanese study visa effectively.

The candidates must be qualified for an international visa. Some significant conditions are explained below.

  • You must be 18 or 18+
  • Must have the best financial resources to handle your study dues and expenses
  • You really want to study in Japan
  • You are clear in security checkout
  • You will follow the country and school rules

Every state on the earth has its visa policies. In the European visa policy, about 20-plus countries are registered under the visa exemption policy. It means that these nationals can enter the state whenever they wish. They can stay in Japan for up to 180 days without holding a specific visa.

But the remaining kingdoms need an official visa document to enter the European state. The basic requirements are described below.

  • Your ID granted by your homeland state
  • Student visa application form
  • All the essential details regarding you and your family
  • Specific information regarding your economic position and strength
  • Your legal and official passport
  • Also, provide your previous passport if you have any
  • Prove that you are right in Japanese and English language
  • Your eight photos which are freshly taken
  • The photo dimensions are 4cm High x 3cm Wide
  • Permission letter offered by your parents or guardian
  • Permission proof granted by your homeland state
  • A copy of your birth certificate
  • A copy of health and traveling insurance
  • Your residential details in Japan

The additional requirements are as follows.

  • Your documents regarding your schooling history
  • Information regarding your previous educational institute if necessary
  • Provide the training and research certificates if you hold any
  • Info related to your latest study program or course in Japan
  • Time of your stay in the country
  • Your enrollment number with institution details

The procedure is effortless. You can contact an international embassy or a traveling department. So, all the steps are explained below.

  • First of all, you must choose your school and course in Japan. The reason is that every school holds different study courses and structures. Find your desired school and apply for your desired study program
  • Fill out the study visa request form. Provide all the details related to you. Also, attach your photos and other essential documents. Submit the application to the schooling department
  • Let the application approval. The process can take two to three months. Once the Japanese immigration sector approves it, you will get an enrollment number and eligibility terms from the school administration
  • After all of this, attach your photos and passport copy to the application page. Submit this attachment to the official embassy
  • Once it confirmed you would get an official study visa form the embassy
  • Prepare your academic documents and passport.
  • Get proof of your strong financial position. you can use a bank statement, scholarship letter, financial aid award certificate, income statement or sponsorship letter as financial proof
  • Well, all of the documents must be in the English or Japanese language.

Make a settlement for a piece of interview. Carry your documents such as,

  • Academic documents
  • Visa application form that you have obtained from the embassy
  • Passport
  • Admission form
  • Eligibility letter
  • Other specific documents demanded by the embassy or a traveling agency

In some ways, the visa application can be rejected. The reasons are given below.

  • Applied for a school before your requirement
  • If you have asked more than one school or university. This problem can be illegal and become a sold reason for your application rejection
  • If you have filled the application improperly
  • You have filled the form with incorrect info or invalid details
  • Spelling mistakes, errors or residential address problem
  • Or you have any illegal or criminal record.