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In 1975, Jollibee Canada first opened its doors. In addition to hot foods and sandwiches, it offers chilled delights .Jollibee Careers & Jobs | Apply Today In the Philippines, this enterprise was an early adopter of fast cuisine. It uses the hamburger concept and explores its potential applications. Jollibee has become a successful restaurant chain with over a thousand locations. Since its inception in the Philippines, it has spread to Brunei, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and the United States. In December 2016, after 38 years in business, Jollibee opened its first restaurant in Canada. Winnipeg, Manitoba, was the location of the first Jollibee establishment in Canada.


Crew members operate in designated locations (or stations) in the kitchen, producing meals or in front of customers taking their orders. Cooking, preparing additional menu items and ingredients, running the drive-through, working the cash register, cleaning the restaurant, and fulfilling other given activities are just a few of the crew member job obligations.


  • Follow standard operating procedures when doing tasks related to food preparation or serving clients at the register.
  • Follow the store’s processes and standards to ensure excellence in operations.
  • Keep the workspace tidy and organized, and ensure the visitor area is clean.
  • Checking product shelf life, product temperature, equipment assembly, and temperature setting may help deliver and monitor high-quality items.
  • To maintain consistency and efficiency of usage, operate equipment following established operating procedures and assist with certain preventative maintenance and repairs nearby.
  • Recognize, adhere to, and put into practice the company’s rules, workplace safety requirements, First In-First Out (FIFO) stock rotation, and practices for food safety, cleanliness, and excellent housekeeping.
  • Report any issues at work, such as defective or damaged food, to the on-duty supervisor. Accepts direction and complies with the store management team’s established interim, preventative, and dependent measures.
  • Participate in the correct food and packaging material receipt, handling, storage, and preparation.
  • obey and abide by the guidelines outlined in the employee handbook
  • IFC (task certification) documentation allows experienced and task-certified crew members to assist in training newly hired crew members.
  • As required, assist the store management team with tasks relating to restaurant operations, such as tracking waste, taking stock inventories, and collecting temperature readings.


  • Knowledge, Skill, and Experience
  • two years minimum of high school education
  • 1 year of crew experience in a related field
  • Bona Fide Professional Requirements (Training, Licence, and Certification)
  • As needed by federal, state, county, or city laws and food code regulations, food safety training from a provider that has received ANSI approval is recommended.
  • or a comparable certification for food handlers
  • Essential abilities, skills, and knowledge
  • Technical abilities
  • Equipment Knowledge of Food Production, Knowledge of Customer Service Knowledge of workplace safety operations, and effective communication
  • Key Characteristics
  • Successful Communication
  • Takes the Lead
  • Continual Wants Challenge
  • Analytical Enlists Cooperation
  • Mathematical behavioral characteristics
  • Superior Customer Focus
  • Teamwork
  • Honesty and Integrity Humility to Listen and Learn
  • Respect for individuals and the family Fun-loving attitude Frugality
  • Environmental and Physical Elements
  • Physical Effort/Requirements: The employee will be required to stand or walk for most of their planned work shift while executing the tasks of this job.
  • Frequently lift, reach, pull, push, grip, and use hands.
  • Regularly bending and squatting.
  • Seldom stoop, climb, or kneel.
  • Occasionally lift to fifty pounds.
  • To read POS screens, equipment displays, labels, task aids, and training materials, one must be able to see well.
  • To hear and speak well enough to understand instructions and interact with customers and coworkers.
  • to be required to work erratic hours and shift schedules
  • Workplace: While carrying out the responsibilities of this position, the person is frequently exposed to:
  • A damp work area, hot and cold temps.
  • Slick and wet flooring.
  • Cleaning agents
  • Moderate levels of noise during work.

Meeting deadlines and objectives may cause tension and strain.

The broad type and amount of work performed by employees in this classification are described in this job description. It is intended to be a partial list of all the duties, responsibilities, and qualifications expected of those hired for this position. The tasks that must be completed may not match the job description, but they may still be included.

If a college or university degree is required for the post, it must have been granted by a school with US Department of Education accreditation. Any degree granted by a school outside of the United States must be accompanied by proof attesting to its equivalent. 

The well-being of Jollibee’s customers, employees, and communities is among the company’s utmost priorities. They adhere to the highest food safety and sanitation standards while promoting the pleasure of dining out with their excellent cuisine and welcoming service.

• The name of the enterprise is Jollibee.

• Positions are available for a total of one hundred individuals.

The monthly compensation ranges between $390 and $570.

• Status of employment is full-time

• Geography: Canada

The global community is actively monitoring the COVID-19 threat as it spreads. It follows the most recent developments and advice from organisations like the World Health Organisation and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. Their major priority is security. New panic-prevention procedures have been deployed across the board to protect customers and staff at Jollibee locations. Cleaning containers, pagers, and other equipment after each use is one of the better health and safety practices recommended by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  • Provide condiments and disposable cutlery at the counter in a sanitary manner.
  • The team members must cleanse their hands more frequently and employ hand sanitiser.
  • By constructing “To Go” orders, you can reduce the number of containers that must be handled.
  • By continuously disseminating information on how to avoid getting ill, we maintain each other’s health.
  • Providing clients and employees with easy access to hand sanitisers

Management responsibilities in establishments

The restaurant manager or general manager is responsible for the daily operations of the enterprise. They are responsible for everything, including staff recruitment and training, customer service, shift scheduling, and policy compliance. Associate degree recipients are qualified for restaurant management positions. To be considered for the restaurant manager position, you must possess at least an associate’s degree in business, management, industrial engineering, or a related field or an equivalent combination of education and experience. The optimal candidate will have at least three years of experience managing a fast-food restaurant, facility, or food production enterprise.

Chef de Cuisine

The Restaurant Supervisor is responsible for the general cleanliness of the restaurant (including the dining area and restrooms), the efficient administration of the business, and the maintenance of client relationships. High school graduates from accredited schools are the finest candidates for these positions. You must have at least six months of supervisory experience in fast food, retail, or the food service industry. A crew requires employment. An “Aurant” is a restaurant employee responsible for sanitation, customer service, and dish preparation. Prompt service is one of the many responsibilities of this position, which is frequently the first point of contact with consumers. These positions require employees who are outgoing, ardent, and who put the needs of consumers first. Part-time, full-time, and weekend work hours are available.

Applicants must have the legal right to labor in Canada.

  • Managers of restaurants typically require at least two years of industry experience and an associate’s degree in business, management, or industrial engineering.
  • Minimum of three years experience in management at a fast-food restaurant, facility, or food-manufacturing company.
  • Six to twelve months of experience as a Team/Crew Leader/Trainer at a fast-food restaurant or in a comparable position at a sit-down restaurant, food-service provider, or retail business.
  • Active and courteous team members who priorities the customer’s requirements.
  • Weekend, evening, and full-time labor schedules.
  • Jollibee Has New Positions Available

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  • Restaurant Supervisor
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Store Crew
  • Scarborough, 
  • Restaurant Supervisor
  • Mississauga, 
  • Restaurant Supervisor
  • Toronto, 
  • Restaurant Supervisor
  • Regina, SK
  • Restaurant Supervisor
  • Edmonton, AB
  • Store Crew
  • Ajax, 
  • Store Crew
  • Rocky View County, AB
  • Store Crew
  • North York, 
  • Store Crew
  • Mississauga, 
  • Store Crew
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Store Crew
  • Calgary, AB
  • Store Crew
  • Edmonton, AB
  • Store Crew
  • Winnipeg, MB

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