10 Countries To Get PR Visa Easily

Are you considering applying for permanent residency or a PR Visa 10 Countries To Get PR Visa Easily Below is a list of ten countries where obtaining permanent residence is quite straightforward. Most of us have pondered moving to a new nation at some point in our lives. The motivations could range from pursuing a higher standard of living or a better lifestyle to securing a prosperous future for ourselves and our families or obtaining a higher-paying job in your sector. Unless you are financially well-off or possess the talents and knowledge required by the country you wish to immigrate to, the immigration procedure is not simple. Several nations provide a variety of individual and family immigration procedures. Employment and student visas are the simplest ways to immigrate to another country. Obtaining a job in your field of expertise and a work visa will allow you to remain in the nation for longer. But, the visa will only be valid for a limited time, after which you will need to renew it. In numerous countries, foreigners can obtain residency permits; however, some methods are more difficult than others. A residence permit allows a foreigner to stay in a country for an extended time, often between one and five years. It can be obtained for various reasons, including financial solvency, property ownership, and investment. Investing in a state is one of the simplest ways to become a resident. Numerous European nations offer specific schemes for wealthy individuals who wish to become residents.

What is a residence permit, and how can I obtain one?


To keep one’s status as a resident, one must regularly renew a license. There may also be a minimum number of days that must be spent in the nation. A resident can often enter the country anytime, even if the borders are closed to foreigners, access medical services, and purchase the property. Sometimes, a resident permit allows its possessor to enter other nations without a visa. This is true, for example, of the EU states: with a resident license from one EU country, you can travel visa-free to other EU countries. The requirements for obtaining a residency permit include starting a business, enrolling in a university, or marrying a citizen. Several nations also offer the chance to obtain residency permits through investment. If you intend to reside in that nation permanently, you may apply for a PR visa. The length of your stay in that country is one of the primary determinants of your eligibility to apply for permanent residency. Most countries do not make it easy for Indians to obtain permanent residency. In contrast, permanent residence is easier to bring in some nations than others. Let’s examine some of the countries where it is easier to obtain a PR visa.

Ancient Greece

If you wish to live in another nation, you must apply for permanent residency in Greece. It would be easy if you were financially secure. The only requirement is to purchase a home in Greece worth at least 250,000 Euros. This qualifies you and your family for a permanent resident visa. This visa has a 5-year validity period and may be renewed as long as the holder maintains property in Greece. Obtaining permanent residency in Greece allows you and your family to travel freely to any other Schengen country. After getting a PR visa, you do not need to spend any time in this nation.


The Republic of Paraguay is an additional country to which you can immigrate if you have a solid financial foundation. There are two programs for foreign nationals seeking a PR visa.

  • Investment Visa Retirement Program
  • Under these programs, it is simple to obtain permanent residency, and you will be granted citizenship in the future.
  • To be given permanent resident status under the investment scheme, you need to satisfy any one of the following requirements.
  • Create an organization with a $5,000 minimum investment.
  • Purchase at least 10 hectares of land in Paraguay.
  • Invest a minimum of $5,500 in this country’s banking system (Paraguayan Central Bank)
  • Investing will offer permanent residency within three months. You can also obtain citizenship within three years. To obtain citizenship, however, you must have traveled to the United States at least once during those three years.
  • Proof of a minimum monthly income of $1,300 is required to gain permanent resident status in Paraguay through the retirement program.

New Zealand

If they meet specific qualifications, Indians can also relocate to New Zealand without difficulty. This country offers two distinct permanent residency programs for foreign nationals.

  • Skilled Migration Program
  • Entrepreneur Resident Visa
  • To qualify for the Skilled Migration Program, you must meet certain requirements, including those listed below.
  • Below the age of 55
  • Extremely proficient in your field
  • Sufficient work experience
  • Lived in New Zealand for at least two years
  • You may apply for permanent residency if you meet the conditions outlined in the Skilled Migration Program.


Panama is a country in Central America where you can easily obtain a PR visa. Depending on how you apply for permanent residency in this nation, it may be optional for you to have resided in the country or own property there. In the following instances, you may wish to apply for permanent residency:

  • You’ve lived there for at least five years.
  • You have invested a specified amount in Panama.
  • You are getting married to a Panamanian citizen.
  • You are a retiree receiving a minimum monthly pension of $1,000.
  • This country’s Panama Pensioned Visa Program is the easiest option to gain permanent residency in this country. You can apply for permanent residence under this program if you meet the following requirements.
  • You are over the age of eighteen.
  • You have a lifetime pension that is assured.
  • You earn a minimum of $1000 per month.
  • You have a minimum monthly income between $750 and $999 and a minimum property value of $100,000 in Panama.
  • The residency application must be processed in Panama.
  • This must be done through a Panamanian attorney.
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Belize is located in Central America and is a Caribbean nation. There is another country where Indians can obtain a PR visa more easily. To qualify for a PR visa to this country, the applicant must satisfy the immigration authorities requirements.

  • You are tying the knot with a citizen of Belize.
  • You have successfully passed a health exam.
  • Evidence of financial security
  • Must have spent at least one year in Belize (Must not have left the country for more than 14 days during that year)


Centrally located in Europe, Hungary allows foreigners to apply for PR visas if they meet specific requirements. Once you’ve lived in Hungary for three years, you can apply for permanent residency. Throughout these three years, you may not have left the nation for more than three months (ninety days). Marriage to a Hungarian citizen qualifies you to seek permanent residency within a year of your arrival in Hungary.

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Canada, renowned as one of the safest countries to live in, is immigrant-friendly. This is also one of the easiest countries to migrate to due to the country’s minimal population about the vast land area. Canada offers several programs designed to recruit immigrants from around the globe. Canada offers the International Experience Canada Program to recruit youth from around the globe. With this program, you can obtain a two-year work visa. You must be between 18 and 30 years old to apply. Canada has long had a severe labor deficit and continues seeking immigrants to fill those vacancies. A foreign national is permitted to work in Canada if hired by a Canadian employer and issued a temporary work permit. After two years of working in Canada, you can convert your work visa to permanent residency through Canada Immigration.

This PR status is available through the following immigration programs.

  • Program for Canadian Experience Classes
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Nonetheless, the most prevalent Canadian immigration program is:
  • Express Entry Program
  • A point-based system governs the Express Entry program, and to qualify for this scheme, you must:
  • You must have sufficient experience in your field of expertise.
  • You must possess a high degree of skill.
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South Africa

Indians may also consider relocating to South Africa, as the process for acquiring permanent residency there is far simpler than that of most countries. After five years of continuous residence, you can apply for permanent residency in South Africa. According to the country’s immigration regulations, you must not be an “undesirable person” to qualify.

  • Your criminal history should be spotless.
  • Excellent medical and health documents
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Montenegro has a relatively low cost of living compared to other European nations. As a result, the country is gaining favor among migrants seeking to enter Europe. Applying for a work visa would be the simplest approach to relocating to this country.

This country gives two separate residence permits to foreigners wishing to immigrate.

  • Permission to Reside Temporarily
  • Permanent Residence Permit
  • The following conditions are associated with a Temporary Residence Permit.
  • This permission is valid for twelve months
  • Each year, you must renew your permit.
  • Upon purchasing a property in Montenegro, a temporary residency permit is issued.
  • This permit must be renewed annually.
  • You may renew the license as long as you own the property.
  • You may apply for permanent residency in the following instances:
  • You have lived in Montenegro for over five years.
  • You are married to a Montenegrin citizen.
  • After three years of marriage to a Montenegrin citizen, you can petition for permanent residency.
  • Citizenship by investment is offered to immigrants in Montenegro. To participate in this program, you must –
  • A minimum of $350,000 should be invested in this country.


The Oriental Republic of Uruguay is a nation located in South America. This is another country where foreign nationals, including Indians, can obtain permanent resident status relatively easily. In this country, getting a permanent resident card is quite straightforward compared to most other nations. To apply for permanent residency in Uruguay, the candidate can have lived there for a maximum amount of time. After applying for permanent residence, the processing time could range from one to two years. During this time, the applicant must reside in the United States. Other criteria include:

  • The applicant must not have a criminal record.
  • Decent medical documents
  • Financial evidence (that the applicant will be able to support oneself in the nation)
  • The candidate must refrain from investing in Uruguay to qualify for permanent residency. After obtaining PR, the individual must return to the United States at least once every three years. Only then may permanent residency status be maintained.

Final Verdict 

The procedures for applying for permanent residency in a particular country will vary depending on your nationality. This necessitates that you get familiar with the restrictions imposed by the nation you desire to migrate to. You can accomplish this by visiting their official immigration website. A PR visa permits you to remain in a foreign country while maintaining your citizenship in your own country. If you obtain a PR, you are entitled to the majority of privileges accorded to citizens and tax benefits. But, you will not be eligible to vote or seek government employment.