6000+Security Guard jobs in Canada

For those who are interested in safeguarding people and property,6000+Security Guard jobs in Canada a career as a security guard in Canada can be fulfilling. In addition to patrolling areas, keeping an eye on surveillance equipment, and enforcing rules and regulations, In Canada, completing a training course and obtaining a security guard licensee are normally prerequisites for becoming a security guard. Working in a variety of locations, including retail stores, office buildings, residential complexes, and event venues, may be part of the job description. In general, security guarding can be a secure career choice with prospects for growth and specialization in areas like event security, executive protection, or loss prevention. However, the demand for security guards in Canada varies by region and industry. It’s crucial to look into the particular criteria and employment chances in the Canadian region where you want to pursue this career.

At the many locations of Hamilton Health Sciences, the Security Professional is in charge of providing high-quality security services and protection programmed to patients, guests, and employees. The Officer will collaborate with all divisions of the company and Hamilton Police Services to meet and exceed staff and community standards for service quality on a constant basis. You must have shown that you can communicate both verbally and in writing in order to succeed in this position. Regular interactions with people will allow the incumbent to use their people skills to resolve difficult situations, offer assistance and assurances for their personal safety, and uphold the law and regulations. Your duties in this position will involve using technology to keep an eye on things, communicate effectively, record events, and enter data for reports that need to be performed. Your commitment to ensuring the safety of others and your aptitude for time management will be highly valued in order to guarantee prompt incident response and documentation, including the creation of thorough and accurate reports after investigations.

  • Having successfully completed a reputable programmed in Police Foundations or Law and Security, or having three years of hospital security experience
  • Current CPR, Standard First Aid, and Nonviolent Crisis Intervention certification (training provided upon hire)
  • a current security guard license
  • Proven capacity to offer guidance and support on all matters pertaining to security, such as handling
  • emergency code situations, theft or threat reports, physical altercations, safety plans, etc.
  • familiarity with the relevant national, provincial, and local laws and regulations
  • practical understanding of access control and commercial surveillance technologies
  • familiarity with Windows, Excel, Word, Microsoft Word, and Outlook (email)
  • Ability to sprint up and/or down stairs, exercise self control, and perform tasks under pressure when needed
  • ready to give permission for a police background check
  • Need to be capable of finishing HHS Internal Force Training

This job description presupposes that the applicant satisfies all basic requirements for employment with G4S Safe Options (Canada) Ltd., including but not limited to validation of safety licenses and legal police data verification as pertinent (CPIC), reference credit scores (if applicable), background checks, minimum age requirements, and minimal training requirements (high school diploma or international equivalency, or earned GED). Furthermore, nothing in this job description suggests or indicates that these are the only responsibilities assigned to this employee. The individual on this property must also follow additional instructions and perform other tasks as directed by the property’s management. 

Specific tasks completed and crucial competencies

The primary source of safety alternatives in Canada is G4S Safe alternatives. Our company specializes in hiring and training safety professionals to meet the needs of every customer. In order to secure office buildings, industrial properties, warehouses, distribution center’s, financial providers/banking properties, and transportation and logistics websites, G4S has worked with numerous prominent companies. 

  • Could you become a member of our team now  
  • Control of entry for the power/space 
  • Present a polished, knowledgeable, and appealing image at all times. 
  • the ability to manage disputes and situations and defuse tensions 

patrolling and adhering to procedures in accordance with the submitted instructions; they may include handling visitor movement at various points across the property, conducting indoor or outdoor patrols, and so forth.  Ensure that the power’s emergency protocols and security measures are implemented in response to smoke alarms and other emerging online situations.  Participate in site-specific training and pay attention to guidance and instructions from the supervisor or website manager.  Show off your common sense, reasoning, and decision-making abilities, especially when it comes to bearing the responsibility and guiding others during crises or other situations.  thorough file management, report writing, and commentary skills, outstanding proficiency in both written and spoken communication 

  • operate/monitor the safety room’s equipment, Website completion necessitated coaching 
  • The Most Excellent Prospect 
  • Valid Province-Wide Safety Guard License 
  • Accredited First Aid, CPR, and AED 
  • should hold a GED or at least a basic high school diploma 
  • The flexibility to work different days, evenings, or overnights is a benefit. 
  • Exceptional interpersonal and administrative skills 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. 
  • Some jobs need you to use a computer for communications and report writing. 
  • Additional superior roles may also be considered for candidates with a clear summary, a valid driver’s license, or experience in the safety field. 
  • Concerning The Company 

G4S Safe Options (Canada) Ltd. is an equal opportunity employer that accepts applications from women, people of color, and people with disabilities. Should you need lodging, just let us know.  By sending in your resume and private profile, you authorize G4S Safe Options (Canada) Ltd. to share this information with its divisions in order to identify potential job opportunities for which you might be qualified. Being a security guard may be an interesting and very gratifying job choice. Regardless of your workplace—healthcare, real estate, education, aviation, manufacturing, or any other—you will have the chance to truly impact people’s lives and contribute to a more secure and compassionate society.  Not only that but becoming a security guard may be a fulfilling career in terms of personal development. It can offer you priceless knowledge, expertise, and specialized training. In addition to learning how to solve problems successfully, you’ll also learn how to defuse tense situations.

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6000+ Security Guard jobs in Canada

These abilities can help you progress in your profession and are applicable to a wide range of other sectors.  Should you wish to pursue a career in security, you will have to fulfil certain prerequisites and finish specialized training. This is a detailed instruction explaining how to train as a security guard in Canada. 

 Fulfil the prerequisites. 

Some prerequisites must be fulfilled in Canada before one can work as a security guard. To legally work in Canada, you must be at least eighteen years old, free of criminal background, and eligible. A high school degree is usually necessary to get hired for a security guard position at the entry level. 


Security guards in Canada need to finish particular training in order to obtain a license. The training course you must take may change based on your region and the kind of security work you intend to perform. Typically, “Basic Security Training (BST)” hours must be completed. The province or territory where you intend to work has a list of authorized training programs: 

  • British Columbia 
  • Alberta 
  • The Saskatchewan 
  • Manitoba 
  • The Ontario 
  • Quebec 
  • Labrador and Newfoundland 
  • Island of Prince Edward 
  • New Brunswick 


After completing your training and passing any required exams, you must apply for and receive a security guard license from the relevant government body. Depending on where you live, a different agency may provide licenses (see the reference links above). 6000+ Security Guard jobs in Canada  To get your license, you’ll need to pay a fee, pass a background check, and show documentation that you’ve completed the necessary training. You will be allowed to operate as a security guard legally in Canada once you obtain your license. 

Security Guard Costs

  • Depending on your province, becoming a security guard may cost different amounts. The following basically makes up the overall cost: 
  • Training in Basic Security (BST): $160 to $300 plus VAT 
  • Test booking: $75–$80 + tax (variable based on province) 
  • Application for a security license Depending on the province, the cost may be between $75 and $85 (tax included). 

Uniform and equipment

An additional $150 to $200 may be spent on uniforms and equipment (such as boots, a duty belt, and a flashlight). Every site has different equipment requirements. Certain websites require more work than others.  The organization at Paladin Security provides training. In certain areas, we also cover the cost of the license following probation, and we assist our team in preparing for provincial exams. In addition, our policemen receive all required clothes at no cost to them. 

 Look for employment 

  • It’s time to look for a job now that you have your license! It could take some time for you to get a physical copy of your security guard license, so get a digital copy as soon as you can to begin applying to positions. 
  • Make careful to emphasize your training and any relevant experience you have while applying for jobs. Employers want to know that you’re capable of performing the obligations of a difficult profession like security guarding. 
  • This is a free download that will teach you how to prepare for a security guard interview and produce the best resume possible. 

Keep your license current 

You’ll need to renew your license periodically in order to keep it in effect. Your location may have different criteria (see the step 2 links), but generally speaking, you’ll need to pay a renewal fee and finish continuous training. To ensure your success in this sector, keep in mind that you should retain your license and stay current on the most recent training needs. 


Becoming a security guard might be a great career choice if you want to further your personal development and have the opportunity to impact your community positively. It might be the beginning of a fascinating and rewarding career.