Bulgaria Visa Information

Bulgaria Visa Information-Get Valid Visa From Bulgaria


Bulgarian taste is so unique. Millions of visitors often like it very much. But when you’re on vacation in another country, no matter how good the local food is, not knowing what to order in a restaurant can ruin the experience. I have prepared a compilation of Bulgarian gastronomy dishes. I also put the Bulgarian names to make it easier to order them in a restaurant or understand the menu.

Visit Bulgarian State

Before moving to Bulgaria, you must clearly understand the Bulgarian visa requirements and obtain VISA D. European Union residents needn’t bother with any visa and other required archives for short visits, for example, a quarter of a year or 90 days.

Suppose you want to stay longer or plan to live in Bulgaria and are currently in Bulgaria permanently. In that case, you must obtain a long-term residence permit in the local Immigration office. It is advisable to help you with the translation and put the inform

action in the form.

Bulgaria does not have visa requirements for EU, Australian, Canadian, Chilean, or U.S. citizens visiting Bulgaria for up to 90 days. The passport should be valid for three months after your planned stay for travel purposes and must be taken with you at all times during your visit to Bulgaria.

For non-EU citizens, possession of a round-trip avion ticket and sufficient funds may also be required for the duration of their stay. If your visit exceeds 90 days, you must apply for a residence permit in the immigration department of the local police or at the National Directorate of Migration in Sofia.

For citizens of EU member countries planning an extended stay (more than 90 days), a long-term residence permit can usually be 24 hours through the city’s immigration office or town where you are staying.

The criterion is that you are:

Foreigners with employees who are self-employed in Bulgaria or who follow a recognized educational program must have sufficient income and funds to support you and your family during the period of your stay. Long-term residence permits can be renewed as needed, and after five years, you can apply for Bulgarian citizenship.

All foreigners having permanent residence permits are required to carry the card or certificate and their passport at all times. Not presenting these identification documents to the authorities may result in punishment or fine when asked to do so


It is also essential to have a bank account before applying for a Residence Permit and obtain proof from that bank stating that you have an active bank account and the minimum wage of one month of EUR 235.20 per month (July 2017) in your account.

Bulgarian Visa Types

No visa requirements for EU citizens

 Short stay visa (type C) or temporary residence permit for non-EU citizens

It is issued for single or multiple Bulgaria entries for no more than 90 days within six months from the first entry.

Extended stay visa (type D) or long-term residence permit

It is a residence permit issued for foreigners wishing to reside long-term (more than 90 days) or permanently in Bulgaria. Application forms for a long-term license must be made within 90 days of arrival in Bulgaria at the Sofia National Migration Directorate or in the immigration department of the local police station of your place of residence.

Bring Following Documents with u 

● Passport

● Deeds of ownership or rental agreement as proof of an address;

● Company registration documents or employment contract (if applicable);

● Proof of health insurance from residence translated into Bulgarian;

● The residence tax must be paid at the immigration office, and long-term residence permits are issued on the same day. If any documents are missing, you have seven days to file them.

Non-EU Citizens

The requests for a long-term residence permit must be sent to the Bulgarian consulate in your home country.

A long-term residence permit can be obtained as follows.

● Employees (with a work permit)

● Those with business in Bulgaria

● Spouses of Bulgarian citizens

● Representatives of a foreign trading company registered with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

● Investors engaged in activities under the Foreign Investment Act.

● Foreigners in Bulgaria for medical treatment

● Relatives of a Type D visa holder

● Students in full-time education

● Those of Bulgarian ethnic origin

Please submit the following required documents to get a valid residential visa permit.

● Passport, valid visa or residence permit, Bulgarian entry stamp

● Proof of the duration of residence in Bulgaria

● Proof of possession of sufficient funds to cover living costs for the duration of residence in Bulgaria

● A valid copy of health & life insurance

● The application form must be completed in the Bulgarian language.

● A residence tax must be paid at the immigration office bank.