Canadian Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship in 2024

Companies in Canada support international candidates by sponsoring their visas, Canadian Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship in 2024 enabling them to enter and work in the country. They are all multinational corporations, with their main offices located in Canada. Using sponsorship, they can offer their support to candidates. Sponsorship for a visa. Work opportunities are among the best reasons for foreigners to relocate to Canada. While job opportunities remain consistent, employment in Canada’s service sectors is increasing. Are you interested in relocating to Canada to pursue employment opportunities? Do you enjoy high compensation and working for a company that uses your skills and abilities to further the fantastic things Canada offers its citizens? Have you been trying to find a genuine path that will allow you to relocate to Canada? Use the opportunity presented by Canadian companies supporting work visas at that point.

There has recently been a tendency to support foreign laborers due to the opportunity they present for outside professionals looking to relocate to Canada and fill positions with a labor shortage. These businesses are increasingly seeking immigrants with the skills necessary to maintain operations. Anyone who has graduated, finished their undergraduate degree, has experience, or possibly has some education is eligible to apply. To fill 997,000 positions, individuals are actively looking for jobs in Canada. You may earn more than $90,000 a year. With the expectation of huge revenues, Ontario, Alberta, and Toronto are home to most jobs.

If you have limited experience, you can apply for Free Visa sponsorship jobs in Canada, such as Truck Driver, Farm Worker, and Fruit Picker.

  • All international companies extend employment offers to potential applicants. They offer the prospects complete support. Canada is among the top countries for allowing immigrants from all over the world.
  • Numerous foreign firms and domestic businesses have declared their intention to commence hiring in 2024 and provide Canadian Jobs with VISA sponsorship. Many jobs in Canada allow for the sponsorship of foreign workers, but employers should be aware that the state of the labor market may impact their ability to do so.
  • Some of the largest and most advanced corporations are based in Canada. Every one of these businesses can lay claim to an intriguing past, operational procedures, and working styles that have contributed to how they currently hold their places. Learning about these businesses can aid in identifying the work values of the organization and the positions that are available therein.
  • Although Canadian companies do not always “sponsor” foreign employees, they can help you apply for a Work Advertisement Appraisal (LMIA) with Work and Social Improvement Canada (ESDC), which will support the work visa application of the remote specialist.

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List of Canadian Employers Encouraging Work Visas 2024

The following companies are offering to sponsor foreign workers’ visas for jobs in Canada:

  • Magna Universal Inc.
  • Enbridge
  • Shopify, Inc.
  • Thomas Reuters Company
  • TELUS Global (Canada) Inc.

Magna Universal Inc.

Magna Worldwide Inc., one of Canada’s largest firms, as Forbes listed, may be a Canadian manufacturer of machine components for automakers. They provide modular solutions for structure, feature, and full-vehicle gathering. The business takes great satisfaction in its deeply entrepreneurial culture and corporate system, which tracks the distribution of benefits among many stakeholders. Jobs: Magna Worldwide Inc. offers a range of employment opportunities, including roles in mechanical design, auto circuit repair, program engineering, mechatronics, etc. Look at Magna’s professional opportunities.


  • The capacity for lofty dreams
  • Professional development
  • competitive salary
  • Career Advancement
  • Enbridge, Inc.

Founded in 1949, Enbridge Inc. is a potential global pipeline and energy corporation headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In addition to producing renewable energy, the corporation claims to be building pipelines throughout Canada and the United States to transport crude oil, characteristic gas, and normal gas fluids.

Jobs at Enbridge Inc.: The company offers a variety of positions, including those for petroleum designers, channeling engineers, geologists, natural researchers, renewable energy specialists, support planners and schedulers, chief of commerce advancement LP, SCADA pro, senior advisors for vitality administration, advisors for FERC compliance, erosion professionals, administrative partners, etc. Look at employment opportunities at Enbridge Inc.


  • Professional growth
  • a strong mentoring program
  • competitive salary

Thomas Reuters Company

With its headquarters in Canada, Thomson Reuters Organization is a global media aggregator. Its headquarters command is still in the Inlet Adelaide Middle of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where it was first formed. The company provides industry knowledge, content, and technology that help professionals and organizations understand complicated problems and confidently make difficult decisions.

Job Openings: Quality Investigators, Relate Specialized Leads, Database Design, Senior Frameworks Build, and Program Extend Directors are available at Thomas Reuters Corporation. View Thomas Reuters Corporation’s career opportunities.


  • worldwide careers
  • Flexible jobs
  • Recognition and gratitude for employees
  • two days of paid volunteer work
  • Education and growth
  • parental leave
  • Social events and pursuits
  •  days off for mental health
  • International TELUS Inc.

TELUS Worldwide

is a Canadian innovation corporation that provides multilingual customer benefits and IT administrations to clients across the globe. It might be a trendsetter in client engagement that develops, constructs, and delivers next-generation arrangements for global brands. The company provides solutions for cloud computing, building, information analysis, cloud computing, application optimization, and foundation administration.

Benefits of Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

I am gaining foreign job experience while on a sponsored visa, and working abroad is advantageous for my personal and professional development. By exposing individuals to diverse languages, cultures, and work situations, working overseas fosters variety and cross-cultural understanding. Employment that involves sponsoring a visa allows one to network with people from different backgrounds, which improves one’s personal and professional development by exposing oneself to new concepts and experiences. Living and working overseas can help people develop their resilience and tolerance, promoting flexibility, independence, self-reliance, and personal growth. Some visa sponsorship schemes may provide additional education and training opportunities, fostering professional development and career advancement.

  • Working in a multicultural setting improves cross-cultural communication abilities, which is essential in today’s global workplace.
  • Qualifications for Jobs that Sponsor Visas
  • Meet all the requirements the company has specified, including the ones related to education, work experience, and language skills.
  • Hold a legitimate job offer from a Canadian business that is prepared to assist them in obtaining a work permit.
  • Pass a medical check and obtain a police clearance certificate.
  • Fulfill the conditions outlined in the work permit program for which they submit an application to be eligible.
  • You can also write the best cover letter and CV.

List of Canadian Employers Who Sponsor Jobs with a Visa Bell Canada

Bell is the largest telecom provider in Canada. It offers cell phones, wireless and quick Internet, television, and landlines. Our creative teams thrive in a culture that celebrates transforming ideas into reality that changes the game, thanks to our over 50,000 varied colleagues across Canada. They are employed in Canada in a wide range of fields.

Global firm EA Games

based in Canada, is present worldwide. They also aspire to promote diversity and inclusivity at all levels of the organization and are committed to inclusive hiring procedures. When hiring, EA does not discriminate. Hiring decisions are not based on race, color, or national origin.

KPMG Jobs in Canada

are available to students, experienced applicants, recent graduates, and undergraduates. Candidates from any nation are welcome to apply for KPMG jobs in Canada. KPMG is a beautiful place to start—46 locations around Canada. Apart from housing assistance, KPMG will sponsor a visa and provide support for health, education, and other perks available to Canadian workers.

ABB in the United States

Global technology behemoth ABB strives to create a more sustainable and productive future by transforming industry and society. ABB has a 130-year history of excellence, and almost 105,000 remarkable people in more than 100 countries are responsible for its success.

Google in Canada.

Because Google Canada has expanded its Canadian headquarters, the company is now hiring foreign workers to work on Google Canada’s websites. International first-year, graduate, undergraduate, master’s, and Google-sponsored students who wish to work in Canada are the target audience for this.

Enbridge, Inc.

Enbridge provides electricity to millions of people globally, improving their standard of living. They plan to invest in and build modern infrastructure, resilient communities, and reliable energy.

Shopify, Inc.

Shopify, one of Canada’s top employers, has promised to let most employees work from home. They were established in Canada in 2004. Shopify workers get $5,000 in addition to their standard health benefits, which they can use for health plans, retirement accounts, or charitable contributions. Jobs: Building computer programs; software engineers; designers of Android applications; managers of items showcased; leads application development groups; examiners of frameworks; masters of corporate administration and securities; innovators, etc. Examine TELUS Universal Inc. Career Opportunities. Brookfield Resource Administration, Dundee Enterprise, Brookfield Organization, Lululemon Athletica Inc., Star Grouping Program Inc., BCE Inc., and others are among the other businesses that support work visas in Canada.

Shopify could be an international Canadian e-commerce company with its main office in Ottawa, Ontario. It is the limiting term for an online storefront and retail point-of-sale system e-commerce platform. The most prominent businesses in the world, entrepreneurs from a new age, and anybody interested in using digital technology to sell their goods and services are all supported by Shopify.

Jobs: Professionals interested in working with Shopify can apply for a variety of positions, including Account Administrators, Accomplice Solutions Engineers, Senior Specialized Program Chiefs, Executive of Case, Lead for Lifecycle Showcasing, Lead for Income Enablement, Lead for Launch Engineering Operations, and so on. You should look into and help with Shopify Inc. job openings.