Cleaner Jobs in Singapore

Cleaner Jobs in Singapore A cleaner’s responsibilities are varied. They range from cleaning an empty/partly furnished house to toilets, office buildings, and stores. The following is a brief overview of some common cleaner jobs in Singapore. If you’re interested in a job like this, you can sign up with an agency or online platform that matches cleaners with jobs. Alternatively, you can start your own cleaning business. However, keep in mind that cleaning jobs are only available in Singapore for qualified individuals.
Responsibilities of a cleaner in Singapore

One of the most common practices in Singapore is hiring a cleaner to do office cleaning or household chores for a fee. Office cleaners do more than just clean, though. They perform tasks such as washing machines, sanitizing toilets, and maintaining office facilities. A cleaner may also perform child-care duties. These domestic helpers are becoming an increasingly popular trend in Singapore, which is not surprising given the fast pace of life in the city-state.

Cleaning industry jobs require attention to detail and good attention to detail. Recruiting and Career Consulting scams are common. As a cleaner, you must be vigilant when choosing a company. The right company will not ask you for bank information or other personal details. Furthermore, be wary of those who ask for fees to secure a job. Do not pay money upfront to anyone who promises to get you a job immediately.

Cleaning of toilets

Public toilets in Singapore have long been a source of disgust, with dirty urinals and germ-ridden loos commonplace. That’s why the National Environment Agency (NEA) has issued a new code for toilets, intended to protect people from disease and infection. Clean toilets are important for personal hygiene and public health, but they also pose a risk to property owners and managers. The new code outlines requirements for toilet cleaning and maintenance and is expected to help building owners and operators improve sanitation and hygiene.

Among other initiatives and actions, NEA’s Public Toilet Cleanliness initiative focuses on increasing awareness among the public on the importance of sanitary conditions, with a focus on educating users on the importance of toilet cleanliness. Digital display panels at HDB estates, radio, and social media will be used to spread the message. Small-scale roadshows will also be held at transport hubs and hawker centers, and toilet cleaners will be trained to maintain high standards.

Cleaning of store or office

A clean office or store is crucial to any retail business, especially during the hot summer months. Despite the increased foot traffic, storefront windows can become filthy and make a bad first impression. Using a janitorial service can ensure that your premises look spotless, while also improving the overall atmosphere. Follow these easy steps for keeping your store or office looking its best. It’ll help you retain customers and improve your sales.

To make sure that your building is spotless, create a thorough cleaning schedule. Include the high ceiling areas, floors, windows, and displays. Don’t forget the ductwork, HVAC system, and display areas. Then, follow up on a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning schedule to ensure the utmost hygiene. And don’t forget to clean exterior grounds, as well. These areas can be easily missed when a daily cleaning schedule isn’t followed.

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Dormitory CleanerApply & VIew
Temporary Office CleanerApply & VIew
Office & Restroom Attendant (Cleaner)Apply & VIew
Housekeeping Attendant Apply & VIew
DishwasherApply & VIew