Dairy Farm Jobs In New Zealand

Dairy Farm Jobs In New Zealand Whether you’ve always wanted to work on a farm or you’re an animal lover, there are plenty of farm jobs available in New Zealand. You can learn new skills while helping with daily chores, and you’ll get to enjoy the amazing activities that make this country so unique. Here are a few of the most common New Zealand farm jobs available today. Read on to learn more about what a New Zealand farm job entails.

Jobs on a New Zealand farm

If you are looking for a job abroad, jobs on a New Zealand farm may be perfect for you. This country is famous for its dairy and beef industries, which bring in over $19 billion in annual export revenue. In addition to these lucrative industries, New Zealand farms also have beautiful landscapes. These jobs may also be arranged through a working holiday program, which will provide you with paid work on a farm while on holiday.

Apart from the fact that you will be living in the middle of the wilderness, farm work in New Zealand offers you the chance to work in a different setting. For example, you can be in charge of harvesting grapes and berries. Other jobs on a farm may include mowing lawns, tending animals, and planting crops. Those looking for short-term farm jobs may be disappointed because the farmer would rather hire someone who can work on the farm for an entire season.

Career opportunities

The agricultural industry in New Zealand is booming and there are many job opportunities available for a good-educated, physically fit individual. These jobs offer good pay and the flexibility to work full-time or part-time, depending on the needs of the farm. To be eligible for these positions, you should be at least high school educated and have excellent communication skills. Farming jobs often require a keen interest in agriculture, physical fitness, and excellent English language skills.

In New Zealand, the agricultural industry is in need of entry-level and seasoned migrant workers, as well as professional pickers. Pickers perform tasks such as tending fields and picking fruit. This type of employment is seasonal, but there are year-round opportunities as well. Farmers in the country need pickers to tend crops and fruit, which include peaches, nectarines, cherries, apricots, and cereal grains.

To be eligible for these positions, you must be physically fit and have a high school diploma or GED. Applicants must also have unrestricted legal rights to work in New Zealand. The position is open to both foreign nationals and New Zealand residents. However, those with a high school education and some farm experience are preferred. The position is demanding, but rewarding, and a high school education will prepare you for it.


Salary rates for on-farm workers have increased significantly in recent years. The survey found that the average salary has increased by 14 percent since 2020, to $63,931. This increase is even greater in the dairy and sheep and beef sectors. Salaries for arable workers rose by just over eight percent. According to Rabobank New Zealand chief executive Todd Charteris, the industry must continue to be a desirable place to work. While competitive wages are important to keep workers, other factors should also be considered.

For example, dairy and beef farmers who move to New Zealand need to be familiar with the system. As a result, they are more valuable workers and can expect to earn a higher salary than someone who has only worked in the Philippines. In addition, the cost of living is also higher than in the Philippines, which is one of the reasons why salary is higher in New Zealand. But, as with any other sector, there are some disadvantages to working on a farm.

In general, salaries for New Zealand farm workers are higher than for similar professions in the UK and the US. In addition to higher salaries, New Zealand also offers more non-monetary benefits. Companies usually provide company cars, phones, paid meals, and membership at gyms. In the UK, paid annual leave is not as generous, averaging around 20 days. Most employers do not advertise their remuneration packages, so it is possible to negotiate a higher salary.

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