Disabled person jobs in Canada: Policy and Data Analyst

The government has got the goal to provide 5,000 disabled person jobs in Canada. Furthermore, The Government of Canada aspires to be reflective of the population. As it serves in all its diversity. Moreover, persons with disabilities in a range of disciplines across the federal government by 2025.

Starting with the employment process, government officials are showing their commitment. Moreover, their goal is to be creating an inclusive and barrier-free workplace. Interested candidates can contact officials at [email protected]. Additionally, if anyone requires any accommodations or adjustments during this procedure. Any accommodation-related information you provide will be kept private.

Important to note: Disable Persons Jobs in Canada

Suppose you are applying to this announcement. Then you should be aware that you are applying to an inventory of future positions rather than a single job. Furthermore, Applicants who satisfy the prerequisites may be contacted for additional consideration as vacancies become available.

Job Application Highlights:

  • Closing Date: March 31, 2022 – 23:59 Pacific Time
  • Nationality: open to all
  • Number of Positions: 150
  • Secondary Requirement: Persons with a disability can apply for this job.

Information session on applications of persons with disabilities

Learn how the Government of Canada’s Policy and Data Career Opportunities is assisting. Furthermore, they help improve the legislative frameworks, programs, and services that are important to Canadians. One can also register for various sessions by contacting at [email protected]. Furthermore, you should specify your qualification in queries. These qualification levels include EC-01, EC-02, EC-03, EC-04, and EC-05. 

Nature of disabled person Jobs in Canada

Careers in the public service are as diverse as the various departments and agencies that make up the Canadian government. You could be working on one of the following projects:


  • Generating, evaluating, and interpreting qualitative and quantitative information and socioeconomic policies and recommendations
  • economic or sociological implications of departmental or interdepartmental initiatives, programs, and policies
  • Participating in dialogues and investigating various models to support government aims.
  • We are creating policies to guide government investment programs and economic development activities.
  • developing strategic recommendations for federal initiatives

Working conditions impact on Disabled Persons

The policies that guide federal departments and agencies in carrying out their duties reflect the priorities of the Canadian government. Moreover, in a collaborative work environment with leaders such as Statistics Canada, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada, and others, their collaborations achieve optimum contribution of disabled person jobs in Canada economic growth.

All departments and agencies rely on your analytical skills and passion for understanding the effects of policies and socioeconomic variables on programs, projects, and services that affect Canadians.

Once disable persons are employed. Later, workplace changes will allow them to utilize their skills at work fully. Furthermore, accessibility Passport tools can assist them and their management. It will include the identification and implementation of their needs in the workplace.

The Aim of the whole process

The goal of this approach is to find people with disabilities. Who can help the government of Canada with a variety of policy or data analytic issues. Furthermore, creating the right circumstances in the shape of these disabled person jobs in Canada.

Applications details

  • This opportunity is open to everyone, whether applicants are just starting their careers or have much expertise. 
  • The application must clearly explain how they fit the criteria of disabled person jobs in Canada. Furthermore, Applicants must give the following information:
  • Curriculum vitae.

Education Requirements for Disabled Persons Vacancy

  • Equivalency of degrees. A bachelor’s degree in Economics, Sociology, or Statistics is the requirement for these positions. Moreover, Applicants must share this information in their application. Additionally, they must share any specialization through a mix of education, training, and experience.


The first step is to include information about education and experience in the areas that interest Such as:

  • Policy analysis of socioeconomic, demographic, or environmental challenges
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Statistical and analytical methods

Furthermore, Applicants should not expect that they should be an expert in every topic.

How to apply for the Disable persons jobs in Canada

Once Applicants’ resumes, qualifications proofs, and other relevant documents are ready. Then, they should visit the page to apply for this post.

Evaluation of Applications

  • It is a chance for disabled persons to give the recruiting manager context for their experience. Their CV may provide a verification source to verify their responses.
  • Specific operational requirements, such as shift work and employment conditions, may apply depending on the staffed role (e.g., security clearance).
  • The following will be implemented and evaluated later (essential for the job)
  • Language needs vary.
  • Applicants can apply for employment in English, French, or both English and French.
  • Language requirements information
  • Writing in a Second Language Self-Assessment
  • Before applying, One can complete an optional self-assessment of writing skills in the second official language. Notably, it will help them determine if they should apply for a bilingual position.


  • Reasoning 
  • Judgment 
  • Recruitment company may evaluate other skills upon job specific.

Analytical thinking

  • Effective communication 
  • Practical people skills and teamwork 
  • Showing initiative and being action-oriented 
  • Demonstrating integrity and respect are some examples of what could be examined.

Applicable for disabled person jobs in Canada

  • Selection is restricted to those with disabilities and women, visible minorities, and Indigenous peoples.
  • Tests of employment equity information
  • As part of this process, Applicants may be asked to take the online unsupervised Public Service Entrance Exam (PSEE UIT 370).

Additional information

Feel free to apply and contact the employers in your preferred official language. Moreover, if one wants to know more details, then he can click here.


  • Evaluators will judge the applicants to see if they meet the requirements for these roles. It may include a standardized test, a self-assessment, an interview, and reference checks in addition to a review of the information Applicants submitted in this application.
  • Before deciding on applicants’ candidacy, managers may request additional information particular to the position being filled.
  • Furthermore, Applicants will have access to accommodation measures or adjustments at every stage of the evaluation process. This evaluations stage includes the application to the conclusion.
  • Applicants should let the officials know what they require. These requirements may include accessible surroundings, alternate formats, larger fonts, adaptive technology, extra time, individual testing.
  • Moreover, officials intend to accommodate obstacles to a fair evaluation and allow candidates to demonstrate their abilities fully.
  • Please see https://www.canada.ca/en/public-service-commission/services/assessment-accommodation-page.html for more information about assessment accommodations.

Contact officials at [email protected] if applicants need any accommodations or adaptations or if they have any questions about the procedure.


Temporary or permanent precautions are in place at our workplaces. These cautions aim to protect employee health and safety, as well as the continuity of operations. Do not be afraid to address these measures with the recruiting manager for a specific employment opportunity. Furthermore, one can discuss the additional workplace flexibilities like telework and work location.


  • Veterans and Canadian Citizens will prioritize that order for job openings posted before June 29, 2021. Furthermore, except for jobs in Nunavut, where Nunavut Inuit will be appointed first.
  • Permanent residents now have the same appointment preference as Canadian citizens. These equal opportunities are defined in the advertised external appointment process. 
  • The way it works is that for any job posting posted on or after June 29, 2021. Veterans will  have priority over Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Except for jobs in Nunavut, where Nunavut Inuit will have preference.
  • Information on the veterans’ preference
  • Moreover, these are outstanding disabled person jobs in Canada. So, preference for a disabled person is an obvious idea.

We appreciate everyone who is applying for these jobs. Remember that only selected candidates will receive calls for interviews or tests.


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