Farm Jobs in Germany with Visa Sponsorship

One area where foreign candidates from South America, Asia, and Africa Farm Jobs in Germany with Visa Sponsorship might find unskilled labor in Germany is agriculture. For foreign applicants interested in working as agricultural laborers, many job options are available in Germany. This kind of employment, which entails widespread recruiting, is usually called seasonal work when needed.  In Germany, the winter months are usually the busiest for fruit pickers since farmers are ready to harvest their crops. An unusual thing about fruit-picking employment in Germany is that some businesses will even pay for your travel expenses to work in their yard. We will provide you with all the information you want to become a foreign worker looking for fruit picking employment in Germany and earning a good salary. Before that, it’s critical to comprehend your precise job duties as a worker in the fruit-picking sector. Below are the qualifications for applying to fruit-picking jobs in Germany and the complete work description.

Work Description: Jobs Picking Fruit

The duties of fruit and vegetable pickers consist of, but are not restricted to

  • Sorting, identifying, and gathering fruits according to their size, kind, and maturity 
  • examining and discarding rotting and overripe fruits from a variety of fruit sizes and kinds 
  • Fresh fruits and veggies are measured and packed into boxes before being loaded onto vehicles. 
  • Receiving, tallying, labeling, and putting away inventory goods as needed 
  • using and caring for a range of tools to harvest fruits and vegetables, along with other relevant tasks 
  • keeping a safe, secure, and well-organized work environment. 

Other Job Titles: Farm laborers, fruit and vegetable pickers, crop harvesters, berry pickers, vegetable pickers, fruit and vegetable harvesters, or any combination of these 

  • Application Requirements: Qualifications, Skills, and 
  • The following abilities and credentials need to be part of a farmer’s job description: 
  •  Excellent conversational skills. 
  • He has to be physically fit. 
  • Perfect hand-eye coordination. 
  • Understanding of optimal farming techniques. 
  • Able to put in extended hours at the job site. 

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship for Foreign Workers to Pick Fruit in Germany 

  • Employment Opportunities: The sponsorship of a visa makes it easier to obtain seasonal work in Germany’s agricultural industry, which helps to address the labor scarcity that arises during the busiest harvest seasons. 
  • Importing skilled labor: Employers can meet their labor needs by sponsoring visas if there is a local shortage of seasonal agricultural laborers in Germany. 
  • Economic Contribution: By paying wages and taxes and spending money on goods and services, fruit pickers’ jobs help local farms and communities. 
  • Cultural Exchange: By allowing people of different nationalities and backgrounds to work in Germany, visa sponsorship programs foster diversity, mutual understanding, and cooperation in the agricultural industry. 
  • Opportunities for Education: Working as a fruit picker gives workers the ability to learn about agricultural practices, fruit kinds, and harvesting methods, which may help them become more knowledgeable in the subject of agriculture. 
  • Work-Life Balance: Jobs involving harvesting fruit often offer flexible hours and the chance to work outside in natural environments, which promotes a positive work-life balance and a connection to the outdoors. 
  • Experience traveling: Becoming a volunteer fruit picker in Germany is more than just a travelogue; it allows travelers to meet people, see the nation’s rural areas, and learn about its customs and culture. 
  • Language Development: Working in fruit harvesting allows international workers to improve their language skills, mainly German, via regular communication with coworkers and local workers. 
  • Seasonal Employment: Fruit harvesting jobs are often accessible during harvest seasons. They offer workers a set salary for a predetermined amount of time and the freedom to pursue other opportunities or hobbies during the off-season. 
  • Contribution to Food Supply: As they ensure the timely and efficient harvesting of crops, fruit pickers play a crucial role in the food supply chain, improving the availability and provision of fresh produce for customers in Germany and worldwide. 

German Fruit Picking Employee Salary 

Employees who gather fruits and vegetables in Germany often make $1,000 per month. Throughout the course of work, this sum may be increased or lowered depending on several variables.  Unlike other unskilled jobs overseas, fruit and vegetable pickers receive payment by the number of fruits harvested or by the hour. The parties to the employment contract usually negotiate and agree upon this element. In Germany, several fruit-picking professions offer extra pay in bonuses, lodging, and food. 

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How to Find Fruit Picking Jobs in Germany with Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners 

International candidates can obtain high-paying agricultural or fruit-picking employment in Germany with a sponsoring visa in several ways. Here are several popular methods for finding well-paying fruit-picking jobs in Germany.  Put someone in Germany to work finding you a fruit picker job. If you are a foreigner and have a relative or friend who lives in Germany, you may ask them to contact the farms and orchards in your area to find out if they will sponsor your visa to work harvesting fruit.  Look for overseas employment agencies: Overseas job agencies are widely distributed throughout all seven continents of the world. It is undoubtedly a brilliant idea to contact someone whose reputation is well-established and whose record is verifiable.  Seek out job posting boards: For foreign applicants looking for fruit-picking employment in Germany with visa sponsorship, hundreds of international recruiting job posting platforms are a great alternative. Look through their websites to see the most recent job openings in the designated field or category.  You will make progress if you use any of these three channels this year. Remember that our contact page is another way for you to get in touch with us. Farm Jobs in Germany with Visa Sponsorship


What are the requirements for submitting an official letter of obligation application for a German visa? 

  • You have correctly completed the form. 
  • Their passport is still valid. A copy of your national passport is valid. 
  • Proof that the host resides in Germany lawfully 
  • Evidence that your host makes a sufficient living or has savings 

In Germany, who requires a work permit? 

To pursue employment in Germany, all persons must get a residence permit based on a visa. The visa granted for this purpose will, if needed, be accompanied by a work permit. 

What is the salary of fruit pickers in Germany? 

In Germany, the average gross wage for a fruit picker is 27,963 € or 13 € per hour. They also receive bonuses, on average, of 260 euros. The wage survey data obtained directly from employers and anonymous workers in Germany is the basis for the compensation estimations. 

The top fruit-picking occupations in Germany that sponsor visas are listed below. 

  • Fruit Picking Jobs in Germany with Visa Sponsorship 
  • Apple harvesting in the area of Rhineland-Palatinate 
  • Cherry-picking in the Brandenburg area 
  • The grape harvest in Baden-Württemberg 
  • Picking strawberries in the Lower Saxony region 
  • Raspberry foraging in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 
  • Harvesting blackberries in the Saxony-Anhalt area 
  • Picking apricots in the vicinity of Bavaria 
  • Harvesting plums in the North Rhine-Westphalia area 
  • gathering peaches in the Hesse region and blueberries in the Schleswig-Holstein region. 
  • Hundreds of fruit-picking jobs in Germany are open to foreign nationals listed on the webpage. Go through this list and apply to the jobs for which you are most qualified.

How  To  Apply

Fruit picking jobs in Germany with visa sponsorship available to foreigners  For foreign applicants, fruit-picking jobs in Germany with visa sponsorship provide a fantastic chance to secure well-paying employment in Germany.  Since we covered everything there is to know about farm and agricultural employment options in Germany for foreign nationals and German citizens, we hope you found this article informative.  The whole job description for agricultural and farm jobs, including employment criteria, responsibilities, and duties, as well as the average wage of farm workers in Germany, was covered in the preceding section.  You are advised to browse available fruit-picking jobs in Germany via the application link(s) on this page and send your interest (CV/Resume) to many businesses.  Furthermore, we provide resume writing and editing services customized to the job you are looking for. In Germany, how you portray yourself in your CV and cover letter will boost your chances of getting an interview and finding work.