Farming Jobs in Australia

Farming Jobs in Australia Working on a farm is not only about physical labor. Farming jobs can also involve working in packing sheds, labs, or data entry. If physical labor is not your forte, tailor your application to reflect your strengths and availability. Agricultural jobs can also be rewarding, as they offer new experiences and the opportunity to meet new people. If you love the outdoors, working on a farm could be an excellent option. But remember to be honest about your availability and be flexible about your working hours.

Purchasing agents

Purchasing agents are responsible for the purchase and sale of farm products. They analyze the needs of farmers and assess the potential of their land for production. They negotiate contracts and coordinate activities among workers, keep records, and coordinate product deliveries. They also test and report the quality of purchased products and advise farmers on crop preparation techniques. A job in this field usually lasts for about 40 hours per week. In this position, the working environment is fast-paced and varied.

For example, in the newly-created position of managing Koch Fertiliser Australia, a manager is responsible for managing existing customers and developing new markets in the Southern region. These managers will work with the Koch team to develop a strategy for the business and will collaborate with colleagues across the globe. At Koch Fertiliser Australia, a manager oversees a feedlot with a capacity of 18,000 heads. NAPCo’s Wainui Feedlot mixes feed rations on-site, and the facility is located between Toowoomba and Dalby.

In Australia, there are many different types of agricultural work. Farm work can be a variety of different tasks, from cleaning and packing sheds to data entry. While most jobs in farming require physical labor, it is always best to tailor your application to your strengths. Make sure to be clear on the dates that you are available. For many, working in this environment provides a valuable experience. In addition to meeting new people, those who work in this field also enjoy the great outdoors.

Another job role in the farming sector is in a mixed-farming enterprise with a mix of sheep, cattle, and other rural products. The location is close to Wellington, Dubbo, and Mudgee. This position requires candidates with experience in livestock production, basic feed budgeting, and mechanical skills. You must have the ability to handle and manage staff. As for WHS protocols, previous experience is highly preferred.

For more details on these opportunities, check out the websites of the various Australian agricultural companies. Some companies post job vacancies on their Facebook pages. If you are interested in seasonal work, you can search for vacancies on these farms. A lot of them advertise jobs on their Facebook pages. Make sure you check out their ABN, so you don’t fall for fake job posts.

List Of Positions For Farming Jobs in Australia

Farm WorkerApply & View
Senior Dairy Farm Worker and Dairy Cattle Farm Operator Apply & View
Form worker Concreters, Carpenters & Steel FixersApply & View
Assembler / Factory Worker /PackerApply & View
Experience A Cattle StationApply & View
Greenhouse WorkerApply & View