General Farm Labourer Jobs In Canada

Canada is a global leader in the production and export of agricultural products. General Farm Labourer Jobs In Canada General International workers are granted this visa for seasonal employment in Canada. In general, the agricultural industry has a severe labour shortage. Because they are season-based visas to work in farms and fruit gardens, they are also known as the “farm worker visa,” “fruit picker visa,” or “seasonal agriculture visa.” Most of them are Level C or D visas. It is included under the labels. 

“General Farm Worker,” “Harvesting Laborer,” “Aquaculture and Marine Harvest Laborers,” “Pet Groomers,” and “Animal Care Workers” in the National Occupational Classification of Canada. These days, this kind of visa is highly sought after as industrialized nations want more agricultural labourers to tend to their crops, care for their animals, and harvest fruit. The fact that this visa does not demand further education or work experience is another reason why candidates appreciate it. 

Program for Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada. 

Generally speaking, nationality is not a barrier to applying for a work visa under the temporary foreign worker program. It temporarily permits foreigners to reside and work in Canada; it is neither an immigrant nor a permanent visa. The length of the job contract determines the duration of the TFWP visa.  This work visa is a standard sponsored one. In order to apply for this visa, you must have the following important paperwork: 

• Job Offer from Employer in Canada. 

• Canadian Employer with Job Contract. 

• LMIA, which the employer will get from the Canadian 

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Department of Labor 

In addition to the papers mentioned above, you could need additional paperwork based on your nationality, job type, and position. No particular nationality needs to apply for a general work visa or a temporary foreign work visa, unlike the Seasonal. 

Agricultural Work Visa Program. 

Unlike the farm worker visa or seasonal agricultural visa, it is not season-based. Once a job is found, this visa may be obtained at any time of the year. Does the Temporary Foreign Worker Program Require IETLS IELTS is based on your employment level. Check the Canadian NOC (national occupational classification) first. If your qualifying employment is listed in the C and D levels, you can get a temporary foreign work permit for Canada without taking the IELTS. If your job is marked as 0, A, or B level, you must take the IELTS to get a work visa. You should be able to speak and comprehend English regardless of the IELTS requirements, depending on the kind and position of your employment; after all, you will be working in an English-speaking nation. 

Program for Seasonal Agricultural Work: 

The Temporary Foreign Workers Program is different from this. It’s a season-specific visa. To address the labour deficit in Canada, Canada Immigration provides foreign nationals with a plethora of work visa options. Despite the intense competition from around the world for Canadian work visa applications, which requires high educational qualifications, skills, talent, experience, and language proficiency to qualify for a work permit, there are still many visa categories where none apply. These are labor-class visas, as shown on the official Canadian immigration website’s Canada NOC list (national occupation classifications). The NOC list categorizes labour class visas as C & D level occupations. The labour visa class covers workers in various industries, including welding, construction, agriculture, and electrical. 

Seasonal agricultural visas, often known as farm worker or fruit picker visas, are among the visa categories for which you do not need a high level of education or job experience. If you get this visa via a consultant or agency, they could charge a hefty fee and additional costs. Although some tiny costs are associated with obtaining these visas—which are often covered by employers—agents charge exorbitant fees that are difficult to pay. 

Requirements for Canada Farm Worker Visa: 

The primary requirements for obtaining a work visa in Canada are a job offer or contract and a labour market impact assessment (LMIA) from Canada, which might take much work. Eventually, we hunt for agents who can handle these requirements on our behalf. Agents in Canada possess contacts and intermediaries who assist them in reaching out to employers who need workers. In this manner, the agent sets up the LMIA and employment offer before applying for your work visa. To apply for a Canadian Work Visa, you must have the following documentation from a Canadian employer, according to Canadian Immigration: 

 Requirement for a work permit in Canada

IELTS often makes Canada visas seem challenging since many individuals are reluctant to take the exam. IELTS is not necessary to apply for a Canada Work Visa if you wish to work in an employment that is classified under Skill Level D. Still, it is a necessity if you want to apply for a visa under Canada permanent residence programs like the PNP (provincial nominee program) or Canada Express Entry Program. But because you’ll be working in an English-speaking nation, you should be able to converse well in French or English. IELTS benefits from a work permit in Canada but is often optional. For lower-level jobs 

Countries eligible for a farm worker visa in Canada: 

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) often assigns a C or D-level class visa category for agricultural workers in Canada. It doesn’t call for any special training or expertise. “farm worker” refers to people employed for various tasks, such as operating harvester machines, picking fruit and vegetables, harvesting grains, dairy and poultry farms, hatcheries, general agricultural labor, and raising beef cattle. The official website for immigration to Canada clarifies that no degree is required for this sort of sector. The “Seasonal Agriculture Workers Program” (SAWP) is a unique work permit scheme. This is a seasonal work visa, and the pay rate under this scheme is typically twelve Canadian dollars per hour. The only nations for whom this program is accessible are those listed by Canadian immigration. Only citizens of the following nations are eligible to apply for this program: 


  • Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Mexico, Montserrat, Kitts-Nevis, Lucia, Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago 

Citizens of other nations, such as Pakistan, India, and others,  are not eligible to apply for the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program. However, they may still apply for a work visa in other industries in Canada if they get a job offer or contract and a valid LMIA. In addition to the agricultural industry, other professions are open to labour work visa applications. However, remember that you must organize your papers according to the position and field for which you apply. To apply for a work permit as a welder, you must demonstrate your qualifications in the welding industry. For this reason, a diploma will suffice. You can apply for any work visa in this manner. 

How can I get a job offer from outside of Canada? 

As previously said, obtaining a work offer from a Canadian company is the primary prerequisite for obtaining an employment visa. Putting in some effort is free; however, you will pay a hefty fee if you hurry and see agents. Please work for a while to get a job offer before anything else. It would help if you drafted a CV or resume first. If you need help writing a resume, ask a friend for help or visit a professional who can build one for you. A CV overviews your qualifications, experience, goals, and biodata. A high level of education is optional for a CV; regardless of your qualifications, you should write your own or have someone else write it for you. 

After saving your resume to your computer, you must go to the official Canadian Immigration website, which differs from the ones you see daily. Employers in Canada publish job openings on this website from every province in the country. This website, run by Canada’s Department of Employment and Social Development, is quite responsive.  Jobs as a general farm laborer in Canada are being provided immediately by Johnson Fresh Farms. Applicants may apply for full-time, seasonal work with the organization. Additionally, offers its employees a wide range of facilities and hours, including daily, evening, early morning, weekend, and morning.  The organization is looking to recruit persons with broad agricultural labour skills, abilities, and experience. The business also offers housing, healthcare, insurance, overtime pay, and transportation services. On the other hand, applicants must be able to work under pressure, pay close attention to detail, and assist farm labourers. Therefore, because these positions are now vacant, qualified and experienced applicants should apply.

Jobs for General Farm Laborers

Additional information on openings for general farm laborer’s is provided below: 

  • Title of Position: General Farm Laborer 
  • Name of Business: Johnson Fresh Farms 
  • More than 75 vacancies are open. 
  • Type of Job: Full-time, permanent job 
  • Location of Work: Barnwell, Alberta, Canada 

Pay Package 

The company’s hourly wage is 17.44 Canadian dollars. The workers must put in between thirty and sixty hours each week. 

Experiences & Qualifications 

The prerequisites for applying for employment in Canada as a general farm labourer are listed below. You have additional options when choosing new hires if you meet these conditions; 

The candidates must possess; 

  • In charge of handling crop harvesting. 
  • Grow various crops and water them according to the management’s instructions. 
  • Capable of working in Canada’s rural locations. 
  • Outstanding communication abilities both in writing and speaking. 
  • Interpersonal effectiveness is necessary. 
  • It should be possible for personnel to carry out their tasks in an outside, dusty, hot, and loud work site environment. 
  • Having certain field crop abilities, such as crop hoeing, is another. 
  • Carry out agricultural tasks related to tobacco and other diverse crop cultivation. 
  • Having expertise unique to horticulture and landscaping, such as organizing crop cleanup. 
  • Ability to grade, weed, and sucker various crops as directed by management. 

With expertise, general farm laborer might specialize in raising a certain kind of crop or animal. 

There are no particular educational or training prerequisites for employment. Nonetheless, there are options for a college degree or specialized farming courses like agricultural welding, tree trimming, pesticide application, and farm equipment maintenance.  Working on a family farm often imparts basic farming expertise, which may be necessary for employment.  First aid training or certification may be necessary. For the convenience of our valued readers, we compile jobs from reliable sources and post them here on our website. 


They must be able to undertake the repetitious chores of typical agricultural laborer’s and be physically strong. Having the capacity to discriminate between colors and having hand-eye coordination. 

  • Put up extra effort to complete the tasks. 
  • Behaving well with clients who came to the Farmhouse for certain tasks. 
  • Obeyed the Farm House’s guidelines and worked as a team member. 
  • To carry out different responsibilities, the corporation offers its workers transportation. 
  • Finish the task within the allocated time. 
  • See whether Canada hires foreign workers by reading this! 

How Do I Apply

Still, qualified candidates should seek positions as general farm labourers in Canada. Gather original papers, experiences, recent photos, and your most recent resume.  We are a family-run fruit tree nursery in Southern Ontario, and Upper Canada Growers is now hiring general laborer’s!  With primary field activities in Essex County, Ontario, the corporation has its headquarters in Niagar-on-the-Lake. With many years of experience in the field, the employees at Upper Canada Growers are seasoned fruit tree specialists. The Canadian fruit tree industry has increased significantly because of government measures targeted at the agricultural sector. Upper Canada Growers intends to satisfy the expanding demand! 

  • Qualifications for the position
  • Languages: English 
  • Education = Lack of a diploma, certificate, or degree 
  • Experience is a benefit 
  • personal vehicle 
  • Particular Abilities
  • Grow, tend, and irrigate crops 
  • Gather crops 
  • Spray and fertilize crops. 
  • Worksite Conditions: Outside; moist or wet; warm; cold or chilled; transportation in a rural area 

Physical capabilities and working conditions: 

  • A physically demanding, fast-paced setting that requires hand-eye coordination, attention to precision, and repetitive activities. 
  • the capacity to differentiate between colors; 
  • a mix of standing, walking, and sitting; 
  • standing for prolonged periods; 
  • stooping, squatting, or kneeling 

General farm laborer are responsible for planting, tending, and harvesting crops; maintaining and repairing structures and agricultural equipment; and raising animals and poultry. Farm equipment operators are included in this category. General farm laborer’s are hired on farms that raise crops, cattle, fruits, vegetables, and specialty crops, 

Principal Responsibilities: General agricultural laborer’s may do any or all of the following tasks: 

  • Crops should be planted, nurtured, sprayed, irrigated, and harvested. 
  • Take care of and feed animals and poultry. 
  • cows that milk 
  • Manage and upkeep agricultural gear and equipment 
  • Identify illnesses and other health issues in poultry, cattle, and crops. 
  • Check product quality and get ready for the market. 
  • Establish and monitor the temperature, airflow, and water lines in pens, barns, and chicken coops. 
  • Tidy pens, barns, stables, and corrals.