Jobs and Careers at Olymel

A Canadian company that processes food and packs meat is called Olymel. Jobs and Careers at Olymel It produces items made from poultry and pork. In Quebec’s Saint-Hyacinthe, the business is headquartered. La Coop fédérée, the largest cooperative organization in Canada, holds a controlling stake in the company. More than 10,000 people work for Olymel, which sells its goods to more than 60 nations. Olymel, Lafleur, Flamingo, Prince, Galco, and La Fernandière are some brands used to market the goods. Olymel is a Canadian company involved in producing, processing, and distributing pork and poultry products. If you are interested in working for Olymel, you can visit their website to learn more about job opportunities at the company. You can also visit job search websites or career centers to find information about jobs at Olymel or other food production and processing companies. To apply for a job at Olymel, you should create a resume and cover letter highlighting your relevant skills and experience. You may also need to pass a background check, drug test, and other pre-employment screenings. It is always a good idea to research the company and the job you are applying for to ensure you are well-prepared for the application and interview process. Since its founding in 1991, Olymel has increased, and as a result, it has needed more employees. Human resources management has always been a top focus for the organization since it is conscious that much of its success rests on the dedication of its personnel. Olymel places great emphasis on enhancing its products since it views innovation as a crucial component of its success. The business stays up to current consumer trends to better match client expectations by listening to its suppliers and customers.

  • jobs at Olymel
  • Name of Employer: Olymel
  • Position: Different
  • Number of openings: 432
  • Monthly salary: $430.00 to $6430.00
  • Type of employment: Full-time
  • Place: Ontario

Today, both in Canada and internationally, Olymel is regarded as a pioneer in the hog farming and meat processing industries. Olymel is a cornerstone firm in the agri-food sector and continues to expand and prosper due to the employees’ collective knowledge and hard work. Olymel’s human resource management initiatives have received numerous awards and recognitions in recent years for their efficacy and relevance.

Operative Positions

Are you looking for stable employment in a stimulating work environment? Do you want to work as a manager, supervisor, or journeyman? Olymel, then have a role that’s appropriate for you! Olymel has many options, from butchering and slaughtering animals to processing pig and poultry products.

Jobs in production

Are you an animal lover who relishes working outside? Do you have no qualms about putting on your gloves and getting dirty? Olymel is your place if you seek secure, demanding work supported by cutting-edge technology. There are a lot of positions that might fit your profile as Canada’s top hog producer.

Jobs in Technology and Transportation

Olymel has a variety of thrilling challenges in store for you because it is on the cutting edge of technology and food quality requirements. Discover the various challenges that await you whether you’re looking for work in quality control, automation, robotics, transportation, environment, engineering, mechanics, welding, and more.

Jobs in Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing are the lifeblood of Olymel’s company. We have several opportunities that match your qualifications if you’re a sales representative, account manager, sales supervisor, brand manager, consumer marketing manager, or project manager for R&D or innovation.

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Jobs in Technology

Do you have a strong interest in modern technology? The job you’re seeking is then right here at Olymel! Our internal information technology group ensures that all of our locations across Canada use various technologies effectively. Whether you’re a manager, technician, or programmer, there’s a problematic career out there for you.

Jobs in Administration

Olymel, a rapidly expanding business, provides exciting challenges and a wide range of administrative positions. You have many options to consider, no matter your area of expertise. Olymel has a variety of roles at the pinnacle of your objectives, whether you are an administrative assistant, receptionist, HR consultant, analyst, logistics, or distribution specialist, among others.

SELECTION PROCESS 1. Review of submitted applications

The HR advisors accept applications at any time. Then, based on each post’s type and particular requirements, they will review it to determine your profile and qualifications. If there are no vacant jobs for the role you are applying for, your application will be kept on file and used as needed for future openings. However, if a particular position strikes your attention in the interim, feel free to submit your application again.  The interview for hiring In a selection interview, which is often led by an HR adviser and held in front of the appropriate department manager, selected candidates will have the chance to demonstrate their skills.


As part of the employment process, you can be required to take theoretical, practical, and psychometric tests.

Four reference checks

Olymel’s recruitment specialists supervise criminal background checks and reference checks to verify a successful candidate’s employment history out of a solid commitment to upholding high standards.

Five-question medical survey

Olymel places a high priority on the well-being of its workers. All applicants must fill out a medical questionnaire. Thanks to this questionnaire, they can better support potential employees throughout their employment cycle.

services provided to its staff

As part of their caring for their staff, Olymel offers several services to their employees. Dental and medical care are among the services provided.

Safety and health at work

  1. Payroll insurance
  2. Competitive payment
  3. Travel protection
  4. life assurance
  5. Program for employee aid
  6. product reductions
  7. The business also does many activities, including
  8. programs for development and training
  9. program of acclaim
  10. Program for orientation and integration
  11. sports competitions
  12. program for employee referrals
  13. Internal movement
  14. Community participation
  15. Social interactions

Every area of the company’s activity is covered by the four key pillars forming its CSR strategy framework. Numerous accomplishments underline each pillar’s dedication to the planet’s future and the long-term welfare of its inhabitants. So, everything here was about Olymel and the different employment options that were open to everyone.

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