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Jobs at Parks Canada Parks Canada Jobs Are you searching Parks Canada jobs Right place you are reached. We listed all latest job opportunities from Parks Canada. Your own outdoor office might be in one of Canada’s most beautiful natural settings. If you appreciate spending time outside and are looking for a new job or a fresh start in Canada, look no further. These Parks Canada jobs are in the best possible location for your 9-5, and some of them don’t even require prior work experience.

Park Canada’s Background

As a precursor of Parks Canada, the Dominion Parks Branch was created in 1911. First and foremost, it was a government agency tasked with overseeing a restricted number of protected areas. There are now 42 national parks and park reserves, 167 national historic sites, and four marine conservation areas and marine parks founded 100 years ago under the authority of Parks Canada.

Jobs at Parks Canada

Parks Canada is the name of the company that employs you.

Various positions

Number of openings: 90

Monthly salary: $790.00 – $2300.00

Full-time job description  location of  Quebec


It’s the job of the Account Manager to oversee digital marketing and web development (such as website and software development, digital advertising campaigns, email marketing, and social media management), as well as other creative projects (like a landing page and video development, logo and stationary/collateral design, and so on).
Ascertain that solutions are provided on time and successfully, following clients’ expectations and objectives.

Create and implement strategies for clients in digital marketing, web development, and creative solutions where the client’s firm performance can be improved. Some of the responsibilities include responding promptly to customer emails and phone calls, facilitating client meetings, and preparing and distributing performance Concerns about products and services should be discovered ahead of time and addressed soon. As part of a larger strategy and strategy implementation plan, collaborate with development, digital, creative, and content teams to optimize client websites and digital marketing campaigns. Develop a plan with Tbk’s leadership, attend sales and consulting meetings, and collaborate with Tbk on drafting Statements of Work. It is critical to handle account budgets with awareness and success.

Manager of Strategic Accounts

Manage significant accounts in some nations and places, such as Europe, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Create a customer operational plan that specifies the strategy and tactics used to achieve financial goals. Recognize, plan, and close new sales opportunities with existing customers. Investigate and find potential new clients, with a plan to convert them to paying customers. Improve customer accounts by improving the quality of promotions provided by using better artwork, extending the offer period, and strategically placing products in stores to improve consumer product awareness and interest. Customer issues about SKU listings are promptly reviewed and remedied. To aid in critical decision-making operations, a clear Business Development and Marketing strategy should be developed.  Create customer-specific price lists for your customers using trade price rules for the corresponding channel type and brand. Consider backend solutions when establishing the pricing of a product for exhibitions and flyer support. Internal and external stakeholders must be able to communicate effectively. channels have been established There is an increase in product knowledge among customers, store owners, and salespeople due to efforts.

Contact Management Software should be updated regularly (Epicor CRM).

On forecasting and forecast reporting activities, collaborate with the Demand Planner. In order to aid in the expansion endeavor, marketing collateral should be prepared and suitable copywriting and translations procured, such as brochures, product information sheets, trade show visuals, and other marketing materials. Learn everything you can about Caframo’s end users, and then provide the company with projects that will keep their interest in its products alive.Your customer service skills will assist both new and existing consumers. Oversee contract management operations and reporting to ensure that contract allowances, backend, and defect rates are accurate and appropriately maintained in Epicor CRM.

Officer in Charge of Animal Services

As a member of the Animal Services team at Parks Canada, your duties will include: enforcing the Responsible Pet Ownership By-law of the City of Winnipeg, which includes license enforcement, neighborhood animal complaints, animals running at large and stray pick-up, excess animal permits, education, and enforcement; and encouraging responsible pet ownership through educational initiatives and enforcement measures. You will be responsible for the following as the first Animal Services Officer in Parks Canada Jobs: Enforcing pet licensing laws and issuing infringement notices when necessary. Respond as swiftly and courteously as possible to concerns about Responsible Pet Ownership, including performing an investigation and following up. Conducts interviews with witnesses and documents their statements as part of the dangerous dog and bite allegations investigation. In addition, as necessary, prepares offense notices and complete internal reports. Patrol designated areas such as neighborhoods, dog parks, and school grounds, collecting and relocating stray animals and filling out animal reports. Ascertain that animals are treated with kindness. As needed, animals will be moved. Return the animals to their rightful owners according to policy. Participates in promotional activities disseminates information on responsible pet ownership and municipal bylaws, and encourages adherence to these rules and regulations. As needed, records and reports must be created, generated, and maintained. When necessary, serve subpoenas and court-ordered warrants. Present testimony to the judge as a representative of the City of Winnipeg. If and when necessary, assist with the adoption process. In an office atmosphere, assist customers. Identify and respond to exotic animal complaints, such as livestock, snakes, other reptiles, monkeys, and similar critters. a construction worker

Associate in Sales

Customer satisfaction is ensured by being knowledgeable about all products offered and collaborating with coworkers to provide exceptional customer care.Revenue targets, customer satisfaction criteria, and operational goals are all being met and exceeded. We are keeping both personal and professional goals in mind. Customers are contacted, and their needs are assessed using open-ended questions. Customers’ needs are satisfied by the capacity to learn about and share product and trend information.They must be well-versed in all aspects of the product, including any new or upcoming items or trendsAssists in the formation of a positive and inclusive work environment.

The operator of a Lift

Your primary responsibility as a Lift Operator at Parks Canada Jobs is to ensure the safety of our guests while also interacting positively with them. You’ll be in charge of safely loading and unloading customers from the chair lifts, completing and recording chair lift safety inspections, and ensuring the snow level stays safe.

General Laborers in Parks and Forestry

Turf management in the City’s parks and open areas, as well as working within the road allowance, are some of the responsibilities of this post. When it comes to lawn and garden equipment such as trimmers and blowers, as well as trucks and other small vehicles and equipment, safety and efficiency are key considerations. Perform daily equipment inspections and report any problems to your immediate supervisor or designate. Keep detailed written records of all work-related actions daily. In performing all duties, use safety precautions and procedures following the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Highway Traffic Act, and the Corporation’s policies and procedures. Please respond to the public with courtesy, sending them to a permanent staff member as necessary. Support other Parks & Forestry employees while they are out sick or on leave or during periods of heightened workload.

Job openings at Parks Canada

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Throughout the years, Parks Canada has developed unique ties with Indigenous peoples. If we work more closely with our Indigenous partners, we can make better judgments about how to conserve our natural and cultural ecosystems and how to present and connect with them. As an added bonus, working alongside indigenous communities, such as those of the Inuit and Métis, to oversee national lands and historical sites, as well as marine conservation areas, is a lot more rewarding than working alone. Visaguideinfo  is not a recruiter. Moreover, We are presenting available jobs from across the world. When you click the apply button, it will redirect to the concerned job provider’s career page. or  Email  Address   FurthermoreVisa guide info is not involved in any stage of the employment process. Moreover, We do not collect any personal information from job applicants. Thus, there is no cost of employment application and training sessions