Nursing Assistants Jobs at Chicago USA

Nursing Assistants jobs are announced at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. This is an important opportunity which is equally available for US citizens without any gender discrimination.

Nursing Assistants Jobs  Details:

  • Company:       U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Location:        Chicago, USA.
  • Salary:             Competitive
  • Expertise:        Staff Support


Applicants who have not completed  educational or certification/license requirements. Recruiters will referred and tentatively select them. However,  their final hiring will be conditional against the completion of  all prerequisites.

Requirements for Getting Started:

United States of America Citizenship: Non-citizens may only be appointed if competent citizens cannot be found in compliance with VA policy.

Training vs Education. One year of post-secondary education with courses linked to the Nursing Assistants profession. Completing a shorter than the one-year intense, specialized, occupation-related course of study as a nursing assistant may also suffice to complete the experience criteria for GS-3.

Proficiency in the English language. According to VA Handbook 5005, part II, chapter 3, section A, paragraph 3j, Nursing Assistants must be skilled in oral and written English.

Nursing Assistants Job Details for standards

Provisions for Grandfathering On the effective date of this qualification standard.  All Nursing Assistants working in VHA  must have all qualification requirements for the series and grade. Furthemore, basic requirement of educations is also necessary for this nursing assistant job.  The following rules apply to employees who do not fulfill all the fundamental standards. However,  who did meet the qualifications  applicable to the position at the time they receive appointments.

  1. Employees appointed temporarily before the qualification standard’s implementation date may not have their temporary appointment extended or reappointed, either temporarily or permanently, until they completely meet the standard’s fundamental requirements.
  2. Suppose an employee who was maintained (grandfathered) under this provision quits the occupation. In that case, the employee loses the grandfathering provision’s protected status and must complete the entire VA qualification standard basic requirements in force at the time of reentry.
  3. Current Practice Knowledge. The experience must have involvement in current practice-related knowledge, skills, and abilities. This knowledge will provide extra credit in to the consideration.
  4. Experience Quality:  Application or resume must have records of Nursing Assistant experience. Furthermore, an employment reference letter must validate the said experience. In some cases, valid sources can replace the employment letter.
  5. Work experience on a part-time basis. Part-time experience as a Nursing Assistant is creditable. However, one must verify that how closely it corresponds to a full-time workweek. For example, a Nursing Assistant working 20 hours a week, or 1/2-time, would receive credit for one full-time workweek for every two weeks of service.
  6. As outlined in the VA Qualification Standard for this occupation, the Grandfathering Provision may qualify you (only applicable to current VHA employees in this occupation and meet the criteria).

Favored Work Experience for Nursing Assistants

Furthermore,  One will get preference due to previous work experiences as a Nursing Assistant or Medical Assistant training.  For example such trainings may include Certification in Basic Life Support (BLS). Moreover, Meeting of following criteria will determine the  grade of candidates. Additionally, after completion of requirements, education will also have an impact in selection.

GS-05 (Full Performance Level)

Experience. One year of increasingly responsible duties and experience comparable to the GS-4 level, demonstrating knowledge, skills, and abilities linked to the specific assignment. The candidate must also be able to demonstrate the professional KSAs listed in subparagraph (c) below.


Education. Successful completion of a four-year course of study leading to a bachelor’s degree, which included 24 semester hours of health-care-related courses, or possession of a bachelor’s degree; and KSAs that have been demonstrated.

Comprehensive Nursing Training Experience

Ability to provide comprehensive nursing care to patients/residents with physical or behavioral difficulties. Particularly, these experiences in a hospital, long-term care facility, or outpatient setting under the supervision of a Registered Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse/Licensed Practical Nurse.

Oral Communication Skills for the Nursing Assistants

Must have Oral communication skills with patients/residents, their families, and other personnel. Moreover, this experience includes acting as a preceptor to the incoming Nursing assistant by coordinating their orientation and overseeing/evaluating their clinical experience.

Recognition and Decisiveness Ability towards Patients

Ability to recognize and respond to urgent patient/resident care issues and intervene while waiting for help. We recognize the need for essential life support, controlling bleeding, and aiding with behavioral crises.

Assignment of Nursing Assistants Job

This is the highest level of performance for a Nursing Assistant. At this grade level, Nursing Assistants help licensed nursing personnel in the care of patients/residents receiving outpatient treatment, home or community living care, or other patients/residents in acute, subacute, or chronic states of illness. Patient/resident assignments are distinguished. Nevertheless, they often involve more complex nursing needs that might range from predictable to unanticipated. At this level, Nursing Assistants also play a more significant role in peer education and mentoring.


These Nursing assistants jobs have a whole performance level of GS-05. This profession requires visual vision, sharp hearing, clear, distinct voice, and manual dexterity . Furthermore, this positions may requires long periods of walking, standing, stooping, sitting, bending, tugging, and pushing. Moreover, job holder may need to transfer and shift the patients and goods as per requirement of circumstances. In isolation scenarios, person in charge may expose to the infectious or contaminated patient materials. In such scenarios, Nursing assistant may need to wear protective clothing. That is why, the personals attributes must include maturity, flexibility, and rationality, capability of functioning efficiently in stressful conditions and shifting priorities based on patient needs.

IMPORTANT to note:

If you are on your qualifications or education, you must send a transcript with your application. To qualify for Federal employment, degrees must have recognition by the US Department of Education.  Degrees must be from the institutions from accredited colleges, universities, schools, or institutions. Here is where you may check your credentials. Suppose you are using foreign education to fulfil qualification criteria. In that case, you will need to submit a Certificate of Foreign Equivalency along with your transcript to get credit for it. Visit their page for further details.