UAE Work Visa In 2023

UAE Work Visa In 2023 If you’re planning to work in the UAE in 2023, it’s important to stay informed about the latest updates and changes to the work visa system. From new requirements to updated application procedures, there are several factors that could impact your ability to obtain a work visa and start your career in the UAE. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what you need to know about UAE work visas in 2023.

Work Visas Types in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates recently implemented new immigration regulations.

The Updated Residency Visa system introduces different categories for foreign visitors who want to work in the UAE. Generally, getting a residence permit for contractual employment requires MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization) approval and a valid employment contract.

Green Visa which is a 5-year self-sponsored residence permit that is specifically available to investors, highly-skilled workers, and freelancers.

This new visa system allows more specialized jobs within the UAE and gives employers the option to open up positions to more qualified candidates from various parts of the world. Plus, it can help attract professionals seeking to establish themselves in their desired industry by providing them with an opportunity to work in an international environment with competitive pay scales.

UAE Work Visas Requirements

Obtaining the necessary work visa to enter and live in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can be challenging and requires applicants to meet several rigorous legal requirements. Before any residence visa is issued, applicants need to present

  • A valid passport with a photocopy
  • Two passport photos. 
  • Emirates ID card which is produced by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship
  • Entry permit from the Ministry of Labor.
  • Medical screening is conducted by an authorized healthcare facility by UAE standards.

Without these documents being presented in full, no residency permit can be granted thus leaving many applicants unable to work or reside in the country legally. In order to secure a job within the UAE, one must ensure that they possess all of these items to guarantee their eligibility for employment and residence purposes.

Application Process

let’s break down the process in the below steps

Get an Entry Visa for the UAE

Obtaining an employment entry visa for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) requires obtaining a pink visa from the Ministry of Labour (MOL). The process begins with the employer applying to the MOL for visa quota approval on behalf of the employee. Once this is approved, they must submit an employment contract which requires the prospective employee to sign it before its submission. The application then needs to be approved by the Ministry before they can issue an entry visa.

Getting an Emirates ID

An Emirates ID is an essential document for those living in the United Arab Emirates, as it is required for medical screening procedures to apply for a residence visa. Obtaining the ID requires completing a few steps beforehand. To apply for an Emirates ID, applicants must have their entry visa along with them upon a visit to Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) center along with an original passport and its copy. In addition to furnishing these documents, they must provide biometrics such as fingerprints and a photograph that will be taken at the EIDA center. This registration process is typically handled very quickly and the ID card should be ready to collect within five working days following registration.

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Getting a Residence Visa and Work Permit

Obtaining a residence visa and work permit to begin working in the UAE is an important step for any employee. The initial application process requires that certain documents are submitted in order to receive approval for the visa. This document submission needs to be done carefully and correctly as it can influence how quickly or slowly the process goes, but once all needed documents have been provided the visa will be validated for up to two years (though it was formerly three prior to October 2022). Along with this visa, the employee will also receive a work permit which grants them the ability to officially begin working at their designated workplace.

Top Website To Find Jobs In UAE 

Finding the right job in the UAE for 2023 can be a challenging task, but luckily there are some reputable websites that can help make this search much easier. The following sites provide access to thousands of job postings from both local and international employers in the UAE:

Finding the right job in the UAE for 2023 can be a challenging task, but luckily there are some reputable websites that can help make this search much easier. The following sites provide access to thousands of job postings from both local and international employers in the UAE:

  1. This is one of the most popular job sites for professionals seeking employment in the UAE, with around 10,000 listings available at any given time.
  2. Monster Gulf: This site is a great resource for finding jobs that are tailored to your skills and qualifications. With a variety of job postings from both local and international employers, this website can help you find the right job in the UAE for you.
  3. This platform is one of the leading job search websites for professionals in the Middle East. With over 200,000 active job postings, you can easily find a suitable position in the UAE.
  4. Dubizzle: Dubizzle is the go-to site for finding jobs in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. The platform features both full-time and part-time positions from a variety of local employers.

5. This website offers a comprehensive list of job postings from employers throughout the UAE. The site also provides useful resources such as salary ranges and job search tips.