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The requirements for the American DV-2025 Diversity Visa Green Card lottery Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (Green Card Lottery) | USAGov All people worldwide may now register for the DV-2025 Diversity Visa Lottery, this year’s immigration visa lottery. In order to be eligible for this immigration program, candidates must fulfil two essential admission requirements: In order to participate in the DV2025 Green Card Lottery, Applicants Must be Born in an eligible Country. You must ensure that you were born in a country that qualifies before you may enter the DV-2025 Green Card Lottery. A country that permits has a low rate of immigration to the United States of America. You would not be eligible for the Diversity Visa Lottery if you were born in a country with a high rate of immigration to the U.S. The nations whose citizens are now prohibited from participating in the DV2025 Green Card Lottery are listed below. The nation of your birth, not the nation in which you currently reside or hold citizenship, determines your Eligibility. This is a typical myth, and regardless of your citizenship or place of residence, if you apply for an immigrant visa lottery and were born in a non-qualifying country, you will be excluded. The list of nations that qualify is updated yearly. People born in the United Kingdom, including its dependent areas, are now eligible to enter the DV2025 lottery. This is the only modification to the list of nations that are eligible this year.

The DV2025 Green Card Lottery program is not open to those born in any of the nations listed below this year:

  • Bangladesh
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China (including the SAR of Hong Kong)
  • Colombia
  • Republic of Dominica
  • South America
  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • India
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Korea, South
  • Venezuela
  • Vietnam

Gaza Strip residents who were born this year are eligible to participate in Egypt’s DV2025 Green Card Lottery. Taiwanese and Macau SAR citizens can also participate in the DV2025 Lottery. For this year’s DV-Lottery, the USA DV2025 Diversity Visa Lottery, citizens of all other nations may apply. Even if you were born in a country that doesn’t qualify, you can still be eligible. Some applicants may still be eligible to enter the Green Card Lottery even though they were born in a non-eligible nation if their parents or spouse were citizens of one of the qualifying nations: For instance, if a candidate was born in a non-eligible nation but that candidate’s spouse was born in an eligible nation, the candidate may use the spouse’s country of birth as their own. For example, suppose both the applicant and the applicant’s spouse are listed on the chosen green card lottery application. In that case, the applicant may claim chargeability to the country where the applicant’s spouse was born. The applicant won’t be granted a diversity visa or green card in these circumstances until

The spouse of the applicant is qualified for and has received a diversity visa green card.

The diversity visa green cards must be used to enter the United States with both the applicant and the applicant’s spouse. For instance, if you were born in India, whose citizens are not eligible to participate in the green card lottery, but your spouse was born in Malaysia, whose citizens are, you may use Malaysia as your country of Eligibility as long as you also include your spouse on the green card lottery application. Similar to this, a minor dependent child may be “charged” to the nation of origin of one or both parents. Last but not least, if you were born in a nation that is ineligible for the DV2025 program, you may be “charged” to either of your parents’ countries of origin, provided that neither parent was a resident of your place of birth at the time of your delivery. Because of their jobs, your parents might have temporarily resided in the prohibited nation. In general, if a person is simply temporarily studying there, stationed there for business or professional purposes on behalf of a corporation or government, or just visiting the nation, they are not considered residents of the country in which they were not born or officially naturalized.  You must clearly state on your Green Card Lottery entry form, which you must fill out after properly registering, under the nation of Eligibility, that you claim chargeability to a country other than your country of birth. Be warned that listing a wrong government of Eligibility or chargeability (one for which you cannot make a good case) may cause your entire application to be rejected, including every applicant.


The successful completion of a twelve-year course of elementary and secondary education in the United States or the successful completion of a formal system of elementary and secondary education comparable to completing a 12-year education in another country qualifies an applicant for the DV2025 Lottery. “High school education or its equivalent” means the successful completion of a formal course of elementary and secondary education comparable to completing a 12-year education in the United States in another country. It needs to be more to pass the high school equivalency test. If the course of study completed is comparable to a U.S. high school education, it is acceptable to have finished one’s education in fewer than twelve years or more than twelve years or


An applicant must have worked in one of the following professions for at least two years within the previous five years in order to be eligible for the American DV2025 Lottery:

To view all positions suitable for the DV2025 lottery, 

When registering for the DV2025 lottery, applicants are not obliged to provide evidence that they meet these standards. Still, a consular officer may request and require it after the candidate has been chosen and formally applied for the permanent residence (Green Card) visa. Applicants should only submit a DV2025 lottery application if they meet these two fundamental requirements. After being chosen, candidates must present documentation of their schooling, employment history, and country of birth. For the same reason, applicants are not required to submit this information on the DV2025 Green Card Lottery application form. Do you aspire to experience the American Dream? Your winning ticket to do that is the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery, also known as the Green Card Lottery. We will go over all the essential details regarding the DV Lottery 2023, including its official website, registration procedure, status check, and significant updates for Pakistan in 2023, 2024, and even 2025, in this thorough guide. Let’s start now!

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completing your DV-2024 Program electronic entry

Send in your Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form (also known as DS-5501 or E-DV Entry Form),

  • Any other method. The online entry form submission is free of charge. Use an, please.
  • when submitting your application; outdated browsers (Internet Explorer
  • The online DV system probably has issues with specific browsers (Internet Explorer 8, for instance).
  • Without a “visa,” we urge you to fill out the admission form yourself.
  • Anybody who advertises their services as a “consultant,” “visa agent,” etc. If you receive assistance,
  • When your submission is being prepared, you should be there to provide the
  • proper responses to the questions, a note of your confirmation number,
  • and your confirmation screen is printed out. You must possess the
  • A printout of your particular confirmation number and confirmation page. Unscrupulous
  • It has been reported that visa facilitators help applicants with their entry, maintain the

printout of the confirmation page, and then demand more money in return for the Verification code. You will need this information to access the website. Online mechanism that updates you on the status of your entry. Whenever someone offers to Save this info for yourself, you should be able to access the email account as well. Available in your E-DV entry. To learn more, go to the Frequently Asked Questions page, regarding DV program fraud. Watch our introductory video to the DV application and a step-by-step manual to assist you in submitting an entry.

Once your entry is complete, a confirmation will appear.

A screen with your name and a unique confirmation number will appear. Publish this Confirmation window for your documentation. You’ll be able to check starting on May 6, 2023 Your Entry’s status by going back to dvprogram.state.gov and selecting Entrant. Using your specific confirmation number and personal information to check your status information.  An Entrant Status Check must be used to determine your Eligibility. DV-2024 and, if chosen, to view guidelines on how to move forward wit your submission. The American government will give you a different update. Status of Entrant Instructions on how to proceed with your application can only be obtained from Check. If

  • If you are chosen and complete the necessary paperwork for a visa, you must
  • Check your immigrant visa interview date with Entrant Status Check.
  • Date. To learn more about the frequently asked questions, please visit the
  • choosing procedure.
  • To complete your Entry, you must supply all of the required data. inability to
  • Your Eligibility for a DV will be revoked if you fail to submit all necessary information accurately.
  • 1. Name (first name, middle name, last name) precisely as it appears on your
  • If you have a passport (for instance, if your key merely displays your
  • Please list your first name, last name, and then your family name;
  • Unless your middle name is in your passport, omit it from your name.
  • Please list the first, middle, and last names listed on your passport in the
  • First name, middle name, and last name in that sequence. If you have
  • One word only; it must be typed in the field for the last/family name.
  • Male or female gender.
  • Date of birth: day, month, and year.
  • a City where you were conceived.
  •  Country of birth: Use the name of the nation currently hosting the
  • location of your delivery.
  •  Country of Eligibility for the DV program – Typically, the country where you are eligible
  • Be the same as where you were born. Your place of Eligibility has nothing to do with

Where you reside or, if it differs from your country of birth, your nationality. If

  • You must study the Frequently Asked Questions if you were born in a nation that is ineligible.
  • To determine whether there is any other way you might be qualified.
  •  Recent images of the participant, taken within the previous six months, are required for Entry.
  • Included on your application are you, your spouse, and all of your
  • Compositional and technical details are covered in Submitting a Digital Photograph.
  • specifications. You are not required to provide a photo of your spouse or children.
  • Who is already a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States? However, you will not.
  • a punishment if you do.
  • The exact requirements apply to DV entrance photos as they do for U.S. visas.
  • Photos.
  • If you and your family are not in the submission photos for a DV, you will not be eligible.
  • Family members who fall short of these requirements or who have been misled
  • By any means. Submitting a picture that has already been raised before
  • You won’t be qualified for a DV if you entered last year. View Sending a Digital

See the image (below) for further details.

  1.  Mailing Address – Attention:
  2. Identify Line 1
  3. Identify Line 2
  4. City/Town
  5. District/Country/Province/State
  6. Country Postal Code/Zip Code
  7.  country where you now reside.
  8. Phone number, if available.

A direct email account is one that you have access to and will Continue to have direct access until May of the following year. Year. If you check your entry status in May and discover you have Having been chosen, you will subsequently get follow-up email correspondence from the Using information from the Department of State, Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (Green Card Lottery) | USAGov if an immigrant visa, An interview opportunity arises. Never will the Department of State send you anything, A notification email informing you that you have been chosen for the DV For additional details on the frequently asked questions, visit the Choosing procedure. Your current highest level of schooling is Primary school. only High school with some coursework but no diploma, High school diploma, and Vocational school) some university coursework, an undergraduate degree, some graduate coursework, a master’s degree, some doctoral coursework, or any combination thereof. Doctorate. For additional information about this, see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Requirements schooling.

  •  Status of marriage at present: (1) single, (2) married, and my spouse is NOT a
  • U.S. national or U.S. (3) Married, (4) a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR), and (5) my husband
  • I.S. an American or a U.S. LPR, divorced, widower, or legally separated, or (6)
  • Separated. Name, birthdate, gender, city or town of birth, and country should be entered.
  • of your spouse’s birth, along with a picture of your spouse meeting the same
  • The exact technical requirements as your photo.
  • Failure to include your eligible spouse or the inclusion of a different spouse
  • will disqualify you from being the DV leading candidate, along with your spouse and
  • Children are not eligible to apply for DV derivative jobs. Even if your spouse is not listed,

Unless you are officially separated, you are currently not with them. When a couple is legally separated but still cohabitates, they are still. As directed by the court, apart. If you and your spouse have a divorce decree, The DV program does not allow for the immigration of your spouse. You

If you opt to provide the name of a spouse from whom you separated, you won’t be penalized.

  • You are formally divorced. If there isn’t a court order separating you, 
  • Even if you want to be divorced before you apply, you must mention your spouse.
  • The Diversity Visa or that your spouse has no intention of moving abroad.
  • Do not list if your spouse is a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States.
  • The person in your Entry. A spouse who is a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident will not be
  • Require a visa or receive one. In light of this, if you choose “married and my spouse I.S. a
  • American national or U.S. LPR” on your Entry, you won’t be required to submit it.
  • Further details about your partner. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.
  • other specifics regarding family members.
  • 1 List the names, birthdates, genders, cities/towns of birth, and number of children.
  • nation of origin for all adults, unmarried children under 21
  • Regardless of whether they live with you, plan to live with you, or will follow.
  • If you were to move to America, to come with you. Submit a single
  • image of each of your children taken using the same equipment as
  • yourself in a picture.
  • Include the following:
  •  all naturally born living children;
  • every living child you have legally adopted; and
  • any living stepchildren under the age of 18 who are not married
  • Even if you are no longer under the age of 21 on the day of your electronic Entry
  • Even if the child doesn’t live with a parent who is legally married to you
  • Either won’t immigrate with you or don’t currently live with you.
  • Children who are married and those who are at least 21 years old when you
  • Submitting your Entry disqualifies you from the DV program. Although the Child
  • The Status Protection Act shields kids from “ageing out” in some situations.
  • Circumstances: if you submit your DV entry prior to the birthday of your unmarried child
  • 21, and the child turns 21 prior to the issuing of the visa, and it’s feasible that
  • Give a younger age limit when applying for a visa.
  • Purposes.
  • When you submit your DV entry, a kid who is already a citizen or LPR of the United States will
  • You will not be required to obtain a Diversity Visa; you won’t be penalized if you don’t.
  • Whether to include or leave out such family members from your Entry.

Not including all eligible children on your list or including a person who is not a kid of yours. You won’t qualify for a DV if you have a child, and your spouse and kids will be as well. Be ineligible to apply for derivative Diversity Visas. Check out the Frequently Asked Inquiries seeking further details about family members. For further details about completing, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions. Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (Green Card Lottery) | USAGov For the DV-2024 Program, your Electronic Entry. Choice of Entries Depending on how many visas are distributed among each region and nation, the Department of State will use a computer to pick people at random from Qualified submissions. All DV-2024 participants are required to visit the Entrant Status Check utilizing the DV-2024 online entrance registration provided them with a unique confirmation number. Determine whether the DV program has chosen its Entry. Status of Entrant From May 6, you can access the Check on the E-DV website at dvprogram.state.gov.

  • Until at least September 30, 2024, in 2023.
  • If your Entry is chosen, a confirmation page will be displayed.
  • offering more guidance and details on associated costs
  • Immigration to the country. Only Entrant Status Check will be available for
  • Selectees are informed of their selection for DV-2024 by the Department of State. The
  • Department of State will not send letters of notification or notify chosen individuals by
  • email. American embassies or consulates won’t give a list of the selected candidates. Individuals
  • Those who have yet to be selected will ONLY be informed via Entrant Status.
  • Check. It is highly recommended that you use Entrant Status Check on your own. Do not
  • Count on someone else to investigate and update you.
  • DV selections must be eligible to enter the United States in order to immigrate. The
  • Online Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Form (DS-260)
  • You will be questioned by the consular officer in person and electronically about your application.
  • About your legal standing to come to the United States. These concerns range from criminal.
  • And subjects relating to security.
  • By September, visas must be granted to everyone who was chosen, including family members.
  • 30, 2024. The Department of State may not, under any circumstances, issue D.V.s, nor
  • After this deadline, neither USCIS will accept modifications nor may family members acquire D.V.s to
  • After this date, you can follow to join the principal applicant in the U.S.
  • For further details on the option, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Process.
  • Providing a Digital Image
  • You can scan a recent photo (taken within the past six months) or snap a brand-new digital picture.
  • If the photo satisfies all of the requirements below, you can scan it with a digital scanner. DV.

Entry images must be of the same caliber and makeup as U.S. visa photos. Here are some illustrations of appropriate images. Never submit a picture that is more than six months old or a shot that doesn’t adhere to all the requirements. Below. Submitting the identical photo that you did with last year’s Entry, an image that’s been altered, or a photo that doesn’t You will only be qualified for a DV if you meet the requirements listed below.

Apply  Here  

Your digital or photographic photographs must be:

• Colorful

• Sharpness

• Having a head size of between 1 and 1 3/8 inches (22 mm).

50 and 69 per cent of the image’s overall height (between 35 mm and 50 mm)

Top of the head to the bottom of the chin. Check out the picture’s composition.

Template for further information on the size requirements.

• Taken recently to reflect your current appearance within the previous six months

• Photographed against an off-white or pure-white background.

• Captured with the subject facing the camera in full face view.

• With both eyes open and a neutral expression on the face

• Captured in attire that you ordinarily wear every day

• Other than religious attire, uniforms shouldn’t be worn in photographs.

That is regularly worn.

• Avoid donning hats or other headgear that hide the hair or hairline.

Except when worn regularly for religious reasons. Your entire face ought to be seen.

And there must be no shadows on your face caused by the head covering.

• Wireless hands-free gadgets, headphones, and similar objects are not permitted.

Suitable in your picture.

• Avoid donning glasses.

• If you typically don’t wear a hearing aid or other comparable items, they might

See instances of appropriate and unacceptable behavior in the Photo instances.

Photos. Photocopies or digital scans of images taken from official documents like driver’s licenses

Documents cannot be accepted. Snapshots, magazine images, and low quality

Vending machines, full-length, and other images are not permitted.

Your digital image must be included as part of your Entry. Your online photo must

• As a JPEG (.jpg) file

• File size must be 240 kB (kilobytes) or less.

• With a square aspect ratio (height and breadth must be equal).

Dimensions are 600×600 pixels. Would you want to scan a current photo? Along with the digital image Standards: your current photo must comply with the following:

• Two-by-two-inch (51-by-51 mm)

• 300 pixels per inch (12 pixels per) resolution scanning

  • Taking pictures of your infant or young child
  • You shouldn’t include anyone else in your infant or toddler’s picture when you’re taking it.
  • Your child should be in the picture with their eyes open and towards the camera.
  • Lay a plain white or off-white sheet over your infant’s back. This
  • It will guarantee that your infant’s head is supported and gives off a clean background.
  • For the image. Make sure your baby’s face doesn’t have any shadows.
  • Mainly if you photograph the infant while she is lying down and from above.
  • Take a picture of a vehicle seat covered in a white or off-white sheet.
  • Putting your kid in the vehicle seat.
  • This will also guarantee that your infant’s head is


the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery represents a unique and life-changing opportunity for individuals aspiring to make the United States their new home. Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (Green Card Lottery) | USAGov With each annual iteration, the DV Lottery provides a pathway to realize dreams, build new lives, and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of America. To increase your chances of success in the DV Lottery, it’s crucial to remain informed, adhere to official guidelines, and stay persistent. Your American dream awaits, and with dedication and a bit of luck, it can become a reality.