Dubai mall jobs 2021

Dubai Mall Jobs Available 

If you are looking for mall jobs in Dubai, then you are at the right site. Dubai Mall is leading malls that offers job seekers many career opportunities to earn their living and make it fit financially. Including security guards to brand, managers always hire people and provide them with the posts depending upon their expertise and qualifications. For jobseekers searching for a suitable position depending upon your personal needs and capabilities, the Dubai Mall is one of the best and perfect places to think about forgetting the latest vacancy.

This mall has many Dubai mall jobs 2021 that you can look for and apply for the one that seems fit to you the most among these best job vacancies at the mall. Following are some of the jobs in Dubai Mall that you can think of applying to make a better living. At Dubai mall, careers build better, and with the following job vacancies, you will get to experience that, for sure.

Experience Manager Job Vacancy-Dubai Mall jobs 

●      Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

●      Job Type: Full-time

●      Vacancies: Not mentioned

Customer Experience Manager post is one of those which can make you earn a great living in the world. It offers a handsome salary but also demands from you even better expertise and experience in the field. It is the most admired beauty retailer worldwide and delivers the chance to get Dubai mall jobs quickly.


1. The candidate must have a previous experience of 7 years in retail management, along with three years in the beauty industry.

2. He must have a retail management experience of 2-3 years in leading a team comprising of 40 to 60 members in total.

3. Must have advanced knowledge about the products.

4. The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in the field.

5. The candidate must have a good command of Arabic, French, and English.

Expertise Required: 

  1. The candidate applying for this vacancy must have the number of following tendencies:
  2. Manage day-to-day operations
  3. Have an analytical, business, and organizational management techniques.
  4. Excellent communication skills and emotional intelligence.
  5. Follow the work schedule.

How to Apply

To apply for this post, you can visit the official website of the company directly.

Spa position in Dubai Mall:

●      Job Location: Dubai (UAE)

●      Salary: AED 2000– 4800/ month

●      Job profile: Spa

●      Vacancies: Not mentioned

The next Dubai Mall job that you can go for is of Spa position in Dubai mall. Following are some essential that you need to keep in mind about this Dubai mall job.

Employment Description: 

Before you apply for this job vacancy, you must fulfill the following requirements that it demands. The fulfillment of these requirements will help you get recruitment at Dubai mall.

  1. The candidates applying for this job in UAE must have a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree.
  2. The potential candidates wanting to apply for the position must have strong command over the English language
  3. The candidates must have at least one year of experience to get the job at this position.

Expertise Required: 

  1. The potential candidates must have a solid written and oral communication tendency
  2. They must demonstrate the efficient problem-solving ability to confirm their hiring for the position.
  3. Also, the candidates must have excellent time management skills.

How to Apply

For this spa job in Dubai mall, you must visit the company’s online website and get the things done accordingly. To apply online for this job, you can also visit their email address:

Store Director Jobs in Dubai Mall

●      Location: Phenix Influence Dubai, United Arab Emirates

●      Basic Salary: 22 000 AED

●      Benefits: Yearly & monthly bonus and clothing allowance

Being a name of a world-leading fashion brand, the French fashion house (LVMH Group) offers its worldwide recognized collections of ready-to-wear men and women, Haute Couture, and accessories. It needs a store manager that can promote their culture well enough and maintain good customer relationships by showing them your hospitality.


If you want for yourself guaranteed recruitment and hiring, you have to have the following requirements:

  1. Your service must represent your previous 5-years of experience in the retail field and a 1-year experience in luxury product settings.
  2. You must be fluent English language to confirm your hiring.
  3. To make up your career with the store, you must also have outstanding organizational, interpersonal communication, and flow-through skills.

Note: This job is not for freshers, and no diploma or specific education requirement is mentioned in the job description on the company’s site.

Expertise Required:

If you want to confirm recruitment for the job group, you must look out for these below mentioned specific things in yourself:

  1. During the time of your service, you have to represent impressive commercial performance and team-leading skills.
  2. During your employment time, you must be able to represent efficient product and stock handling skills.
  3. You must be able to showcase your business-oriented nature and passion for the luxury industry. Also, your hospitality towards the customers is the key.

How to Apply

To apply for the job, you can visit the email address: [email protected].

Hostess Job Vacancy available at Emaar- Dubai Shopping Mall

●      Job Location: Emaar Dubai UAE (Best job location Dubai)

●      Organization: Emaar

●      Job Type: Full-time

●      Job profile: Hostess

●      Services: Food and Beverages serving

Among a group of various job vacancies available at Dubai shopping mall, this hostess job is another one that has been recently updated in April by Emaar Organization. Following are some essential things that you need to know about the job before getting into the service.


This type of hotel job requires a female candidate searching for the latest position in the UAE.

  1. This job in Dubai mall requires experience of working in varying conditions.
  2. Expertise Required:
  3. The services of a hostess require fluent written and oral English communication tendencies.
  4. The candidate must possess hospitality in nature
  5. Excellent capacity to work with various computer package.

How to Apply

You can apply online for this job at its official website in Dubai or use its email address.

Note: Freshers can apply; no diploma or certificate is required.