Factory Worker Jobs in USA

Factory Worker Jobs in USA. It is possible to find factory worker jobs in the USA. While the headline numbers may show a decline in manufacturing, the reality is far better. While old-time factory worker jobs are not coming back to the US, robots are taking their place on the factory floor. Find out what the salary range is for a general laborer or production worker.

Average salary for factory workers in USA

The average gross salary of a Factory Worker is $33,355, or $16 per hour, plus $417 in bonus pay. This figure is based on survey data from employers in the United States. The average pay ranges from $25,755 for an entry-level worker to $39,498 for senior-level workers. Depending on experience and education, the salary may vary.

The median salary for Factory Workers in the USA is $23,960, with the middle 57% earning around $23,000 and the top 86 percent earning over $37,760 per year. The average pay includes base pay, bonus/commission, stock options, and profit sharing. Among these workers, 68 percent reported a pay increase in the past year. The highest paying jobs include manufacturing engineering management, with an average salary of $124,477. The second highest pay category was Product Design & Development, at $105,348 per year.

Job description for a factory worker

In the United States, a factory worker is a skilled individual who performs a variety of tasks in the manufacturing process. Their duties may include operating machines, assembling products, and packaging them for distribution. These individuals must be organized and able to work quickly, while also following strict safety guidelines. Writing a job description that highlights the responsibilities and skills of a factory worker is an excellent way to attract top candidates.

Factory workers are responsible for maintaining and operating machinery and warehouse equipment. They must be able to follow safety procedures and notify a manager of any safety hazards that may arise during their work. A factory worker must also be flexible, proactive, and knowledgeable about how to process a product. While there are no formal education requirements to become a factory worker, it is beneficial to have previous experience in a manufacturing environment. Some factories may also require that workers have forklift-driving experience. Having knowledge of the products produced by the factory is also a plus.

Average salary for a production worker

The average salary of a factory worker is $33,355. That’s about $16 per hour. This figure includes bonuses and tips. The pay is expected to increase by about 11 percent over the next five years. Salary levels vary based on the industry, education, years of experience and company.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates the median wage for workers in the USA. This figure is equal to $54,132 per year. It is important to note, however, that salaries vary widely depending on the industry and location. Using a median estimate reduces the influence of these outlier statistics.

Average salary for a general laborer

General laborers perform tasks such as cleaning and setting up tools, loading items into machines, and moving them on assembly lines. They also follow instructions from more experienced employees. Some of these workers also perform specialized tasks, such as testing machinery or repairing machinery. General laborers must be physically fit and follow instructions, and they typically work with small teams of other laborers. General laborer jobs often require standing for long hours.

Average salaries for general laborer jobs in the USA vary widely. Some may earn as little as $14 per hour, while others may earn as much as $30 per hour. These workers must be able to follow instructions carefully and effectively communicate. They also need to be good at time management, since they may be expected to complete several tasks in one shift.

Average salary for a janitor

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, full-time janitors can earn anywhere from less than $19,620 to more than $44,880 per year. However, the median janitor salary is $27,430. In addition to working long hours, janitors must also be physically fit, as they are required to move heavy furniture and industrial cleaning equipment. Additionally, janitors are often required to work during inclement weather, clearing snow in the early morning hours.

Depending on the organization, some janitors are part of a labor union. If they are, they may be eligible for periodic step increases on a union-negotiated pay scale. Additionally, they may have seniority when bidding for jobs.

Average salary for a packer

A packer’s job is to put products in boxes and containers, which are then shipped to their final destination. They may work in a factory or a warehouse. In either case, they can expect to earn approximately $40,000 per year, although the pay can be higher.

The position requires a good attention to detail and good organization skills, as they must keep track of the items and compile reports. They may also have to work in temperature-sensitive environments. Some of their tasks are done with computers, so these workers need to know how to use them.

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