Security Guards Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is a protagonist economic driver in the world. With a wide range of cultures and origins of its residents, we also see a broad spectrum of job opportunities. These jobs are equally promising for skilled, unskilled, highly qualified, and even for those of us who do not have an extensive academic background. Dubai does not stop one from finding their future here.
There are countless job opportunities in the professional security providers’ domain. In this article, we are helping our readers to understand how one can bag a job as a security guard in Dubai.

Wide Range of Jobs

The term security guard entails a wide range of work positions at different organizations across Dubai. These include working as a security systems officer, baggage screening officer, CCTV operator and controller, chief security personnel, bouncer or personal bodyguard, building watchman, and one that comes higher in the hierarchy, the security manager.
One can also look for security guards jobs in other adjoining states of the UAE as well, rather than limiting themselves to the confines of Dubai only. Companies like hospitality, banks, construction sites, residential apartments, malls, and countless others are in search of competent and hard-working security guards. If you find yourself the best fit for this role, Dubai is the land of bright opportunities for you.

Attractive Salary

Although it depends on the company hiring you as a security guard in Dubai, on average organizations pay their security guards AED 2,212 per month. This is quite a promising figure when compared to the salary packages of security guards in most parts of the world.
The shift of each security guard is 8 hours long each day and they are required to complete 48 hours every week.

Other Features

Many security services providers hire competent security guards and apart from their basic salary package, they are provided additional incentives as well. These might include transportation, accommodation, paid holidays, bonuses, and other perks offered by the employer.
All these features paired up with the basic salary of a security guard make up a pretty impressive package in Dubai.

Age Limit

Like all other professionals, the working staff of a security agency also has certain age limits. The age limit ensures maximum performance and the work efficiency of the security guard. Generally, we notice that the security guard must be aged between 24 to 42 years of age. This is the prime time of one’s life when any individual is in the best form of physical and mental health.
The security guard must possess the best physical form with good strength of mind and body. There is also a height limit of 163cm (or above 5 feet and 5 inches).

The main purpose of hiring a security guard is to seek protection for any organization’s property and for their working staff. The guards are there to maintain the safety and security of the environment out and about the office premises. There are no impressive academic degrees and qualifications required for a security guard job in Dubai.  However, the applicant must be able to read, write, listen, and speak a basic level of English to communicate with other people. The guards must intervene when there are any visible signs of unlawfulness and involve the related authorities immediately.  The security guards must be able to do self-defense and operate ammunition in case of an emergency.


Job postings for security guards jobs in Dubai are constantly appearing in the local newspapers, print, and electronic media. We encourage our readers to rift through these ads to find out the job that perfectly suits your requirements. Many companies organize walk-in interviews from time to time. One can physically visit the premises and appear for the interview for this position.

It is worth mentioning here that applicants are expected to bring some documents with them when they come for an interview. These are basic requirements and do not include complexity. One will need a national identification document from their home country that must be attested by their counselor’s office. Next comes a work permit, an experience letter, a training certificate, and SIRA certification if necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a security guard a good job in Dubai?

Security guards are a well-paid job in Dubai and best suita ble for those individuals that are not that qualified academically. If one is not proficient scholastically and lacks the basic requirements for a technical or skillful job, then a security guard is the best job you must look for in Dubai.

How much are security guards paid in Dubai?

The job proposition as a security guard in Dubai is a broad category and entails various types of work responsibilities. If the leading banks, high-end clientele, or a multinational organization in Dubai hires an individual, they will get a better salary package along with additional benefits. On average, security guards get AED 2,212 each month for their services.

How many hours does a security guard work in Dubai?

The answer to this question also depends on what the job requirement entails. If the security guard is hired as a bouncer or personal bodyguard, they might be required to work longer hours. However, most type of security guards jobs in Dubai have an 8 hour shift daily, and a total of 48 hours every week. It might be possible that the security guards are rotated on a regular basis rather than giving them a strict nighttime or day shift.

Final Word

All in all, getting a security guard job in Dubai is a simple and easy task if you have the correct abilities. There are many perks that come with this job that make it even more attractive. We encourage our readers to carefully go through the process and score themselves a well-paid job in Dubai as a security provider individual.

Good luck!