General Farm Worker Required in Canada

Canada, being so less in its population, opens up a more significant number of gates of employment for its people. The companies are significantly concerned with hiring people for some smaller-scale jobs like guards, farmworkers, farm laborers, etc.

Like any other company in Canada, Double H Spud is always open to providing new opportunities to the people and hiring them at each necessary stage. This time it is accepting applications for General Farm Worker.

The Company is an irrigated row-crop operation known best for growing corn, potatoes, wheat, sugar beets, and peas.  The General Farm Worker requirement is required to take care of the essentials related to the particular field.

Job Location: DoubleH Spud Farms

Job Type: Full time

Pay Per Work Hours: $18.00-$23.00

Remote Work: Not available

Job Requirements:

Following are the things that the potential candidate is required to do:

  1. Maintain, repair, and operate the farm equipment
  2. Planting and cultivating the crops
  3. Perform basic welding processes
  4. Must operate the irrigation pivots responsibly
  5. Must be able to operate GPS auto-steer equipment present in the Company

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. A person applying for the job must be able to:
  2. Lift 55 pounds of weight in one time
  3. Speak, write, and read English
  4. Legally work in Canada
  5. Must possess a valid license for a Class 1 and Class 3
  6. Work longer hours during harvest and planting seasons of crops
  7. Have some prior farm experience, especially in row crop farming field

How to Apply:

By email :

[email protected]

This information by this website is for benefit purposes. However, if you want to get more information about the job or Company, you can contact the Company’s number that is present on their official website.