Farm Worker Jobs Available in Canada

A farmworker’s job is to make sure the overall quality of the farm that it is working at. This includes harvesting crops, feeding livestock, operating tools, and performing various other tasks related to the farm. If you think you are the type of candidate who can handle the discussed then Secret Lands is impatiently waiting for you.

Located at Proton Station, Ontario, Secret Lands has announced a vacancy for a farmworker who could handle various tasks.

Job Location: Secret Lands Farm 733792 West Back Line RR2, Proton Station, Ontario

Job Hours: 40 hours per week

Job Type: Full Time

Candidate Required: Farm Worker

Job requirements:

  • Less than 7 months to 1 year of experience
  • The English language speaking
  • No particular education required
  • Machinery and equipment experience

Skills Required:

  • The candidate must know to perform the following tasks to fit in the vacancy announced by the company:
  • Intelligently operate and maintain farm equipment and machinery
  • Tend and feed farm animals
  • Clean the stables, pens, corral, and barns
  • Set and monitor water lines, temperature, and airflow
  • Write daily basic progress reports
  • Monitor health of all the animals
  • Detect the health problems and diseases in the crops
  • Sheep farming

Work Site Environment:

The candidate must be able to do the work in the following environments:

  • Strict outdoor environment
  • Noise environment
  • Confined spaces
  • Dusty environment
  • Cold/ hot environment

Work Conditions:  

  • A candidate applying for the job will be subjected to repetitive tasks that are physically demanding and pressurizing.
  • Must be able to distinguish between colors
  • Must be able to do hand-eye coordination for better and timely operations properly
  • Must be able to stand, kneel, walk, and even crouch for extended periods
  • Must be able to stand firm deadlines

How to Apply:

By mail

177 Oakland Road

Scotland, ON

N0E 1R0

If you want to apply for this particular job, you have to email directly at the company’s official email that you might get at its official website.

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