How To Get Japanese Work Permit

Japan is a highly-developed country. It provides a stable and highly-modified infrastructure. Due to this facility, this country can provide many job opportunities. We all know that most people like to do their jobs outside the country. Japan receives millions of visitors every single day. Well, the reason behind a trip can be different from person to person.

Japanese authority is providing about 30 type visas, and the work visa is one of them. The visa requirements vary for each visa brand.

There is an acute visa condition that you must have a visa sponsor. A visa sponsor is also known as a visa provider. For example, there must be a school or university to get an official study visa, and the second example is an employer or an organization to get an official work visa.

A visa is also known as a visa document or visa permit. It is a permission certificate, which must be obtained before entering a foreign country. Well, under the European visa term, about twenty-five-plus countries can enter Japan without holding a specific permit. The remaining states must have an official visa document to come and live in Japan.

Benefits OF Working in Japan

Every state is trying to provide the best facilities to foreign workers. Japan is the European kingdom and highly stable and secured. A worker can get the following benefits in Japan.

  • High-quality living style
  • More career opportunities
  • More qualified and good friends
  • The best living and working environment
  • More chances for learning
  • After all of that, your highly-ranked and noticeable CV

Eligibility For Japanese Visa

You are qualified for the Japanese work permit if you meet the following conditions.

  • Clear in security checkout
  • Good financial strength
  • You don’t have any medical problem

The primary visa requirements are given below with their procedure.

Visa Application

Several websites are providing visa info with the visa application form. An interested candidate can get this form. This request form can also be obtained from the nearest embassy. The government has introduced various traveling offices to provide international traveling facilities. Fill this form and provide all the demanded info. Make sure that all the details are correct. Provide the details regarding your family and economic strength.

Provide the details regarding your health insurance and traveling security. Prove that you are useful in the English language because it is essential to know the basic vocabulary. Provide all the asked details in the English language.

Job Details

It is an essential part of international traveling. It clears the original purpose behind the trip. Provide your exact employment details with previous job history. Provide all the necessary documents and certificates related to your job and training sessions if you hold any.

Make sure that you have provided all the details effectively. Also, give the information regarding the latest organization. List out your skills and tell the department why you are perfect for this job role.

Schooling History

Schooling details are also essential in case of a work visa. The schooling documents present your qualification for an employment opportunity. Provide the details regarding your academic period.


Provide a valid and official passport that you have obtained from your homeland state. You must provide other passport copies, too, if you have any. Make sure that the passport has all the necessary signatures and stamps.


Photographs are a must in every single matter. Provide eight photos. These photos must be identical and fresh. It means that they shouldn’t be older than six months. Also, attest to the images.

Necessary Documents

Other necessary documentation includes the following.

  • Your banking details
  • Residential details
  • Medical clearance
  • Security checkout report
  • Authorization letter obtained from your homeland state
  • Permission certificate granted by Japan
  • A valid copy of invitation letter offered by Japan sponsor
  • Details regarding your employer and visa provided

Japan Working Visa Permit Types

Japanese working visa is not for labors or hairdressers, and it is mostly provided to skilled workers for a specific job. Work visa includes the following categories.

  • Visa for engineers, international services or humanities
  • Visa for skilled workers
  • Visa for transferred people who transfer from one country to another country
  • Business manager visa document
  • Visa for highly-professional people
  • Visa permits for artist, journalist, professor and medical staff
  • Visa permit for official visitors
  • Licenses for entertainers, researchers, accountants
  • Visa for religious activities

Be careful the Japanese traveling authorities can refuse your application and visa. The primary reasons for this severe problem can be the following.

  • Your provided info is misleading
  • Spelling mistakes and errors
  • Incorrect details
  • Fake info regarding your school or sponsor
  • Or you have illegal issues and criminal record

Careful and avoid the problem mentioned above. Fill your form carefully. Apply for the desired visa with all the asked documentation. Do a setup for a meeting and make the discussion in the right way. Keep your documents with you while attending an interview.