Jobs for Cow Farm Workers in New Zealand that Sponsor Visas

Are you the kind of person who thrives on a good challenge, doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty,Jobs for Cow Farm Workers in New Zealand that Sponsor Visas  and can maintain a dairy farm? If so, you’ve come to the right place! This article extensively details New Zealand jobs for cow farm workers, who also benefit from sponsored visas. For those looking for work in New Zealand, we have positions at farms posted in several categories today. Please read the positions available below for interested and skilled farm workers.

Jobs for Cow Farm Workers in New Zealand with Sponsored Visas

A list of jobs for cow farm workers in New Zealand that require a visa sponsorship

  • Salary Estimate: $25–$28 per hour
  • Sponsorship of a Visa: Yes
  • No knowledge is necessary.
  • Experience is optional for visa-sponsored positions as cow farm workers in New Zealand.
  • Although it is a benefit, experience is not a must. The ability to work full-time until at least March 2024 (or longer), the capacity for autonomous job completion, and a basic command of the English language are the essential requirements.

Principal Duties of a Cow Farm Employee

  • Numerous tasks are involved in managing a farm with 600 cows in a 40-side herringbone shed:
  • We do agricultural chores, including harvesting fruits, vegetables, and crops.

Dairy cows with regular food and watering schedules.

To keep the cows in a clean and hygienic environment, as well as clean and maintain the milking equipment and barn. Cow farm worker positions in New Zealand could include Making sound academic Health and helping with challenging deliveries. We supply cows with medicine or care as required, following veterinarian guidelines and recommendations.Jobs for Cow Farm Workers in New Zealand that Sponsor Visas

Skills for Dairy Farm Workers

  • Awareness of the needs and well-being of animals.
  • Knowledge about farm gear and equipment.
  • Administration of medicine to animals.
  • Physical Health and endurance.
  • Physical agility.
  • Be mindful of the details.
  • The capacity to adhere to set procedures.
  • Qualifications for Education for Dairy Farm Workers:
  • A GED, a high school diploma, or the equivalent.

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Since COVID-19 has rendered migrant workers unavailable, the industry is anticipated to need to replace 1000 positions by June 1st, Moving Day, which marks the start of the new dairy season. Fortuna Group, a corporate agricultural company that operates 19 farms in Southland, milks about 12,000 cows. At any given moment, fifty percent of its one hundred employees are migrants, most of them from the Philippines. According to CEO Matthew Richards, there are already 15 foreign employees, which will cause issues soon. It raises serious questions about how we will complete the task if we are staffed. We will live up to the standards regarding the environment, animal welfare, and taking care of our employees. Ensuring that they don’t work excessive hours and have their scheduled days off Richards expressed his hope that Kiwis will reconsider farming. With the unemployment rate declining, we certainly see some possible prospects. It expands the pool of potential candidates, but we must improve our self-sales to draw in some. However, because of their extensive expertise, we will still require the migrant labor force.

Jobs for Cow Farm Workers in New Zealand that Visas Can sponsor

Experience is not required, although it is helpful. The ability to work independently, full-time availability until at least March 2024 (or longer), and a basic command of the English language are prerequisites. What Advantages Do New Zealand Jobs on Cow Farms Offer  Benefits include competitive compensation, training, furnished housing, a prompt start, and additional holiday pay.Jobs for Cow Farm Workers in New Zealand that Sponsor Visas


Does employment as a cow farm worker in New Zealand require prior experience

Previous experience is not necessary but is seen as a benefit. Hard work and a desire to learn are highly appreciated.

May I still apply if I don’t have a working holiday visa

Unfortunately, these opportunities require a valid working holiday visa. Verify the criteria for a visa before applying.

How long does the job contract last

With the potential for an extension, the roles need a full-time commitment through at least March 2024.

Are candidates subject to any language requirements

Although you don’t need to speak fluent English, you must at least be able to communicate well on the farm.

How quickly can I begin after applying

There are options for an immediate start so that you may get started on your trip to New Zealand right now.

What kind of training are cow farm workers going to receive

The applicants will train for one day with Agri Training to ensure they have the abilities required for the position.

What kind of living conditions are there, and is lodging provided

Indeed, housing is included in the benefits package. Upon successful selection, information on living arrangements will be sent.

What is the salary payment schedule? Are there any other bonuses

The hourly rate, between $25 and $28, will be paid regularly. In addition,

holiday pay is given as an 8% bonus on top of the hourly rate.

How To Apply

Depending on performance and commitment to the position, opportunities for professional advancement could present themselves. Jobs for Cow Farm Workers in New Zealand that Sponsor Visas These frequently asked questions are meant to help you better understand New Zealand’s cow farm workers’ jobs and assist you in preparing to submit a successful application. Please feel free to contact us if you need more information or have questions that need to be addressed here.