School Bus Driver Jobs in New Zealand

NZ Bus is the right location for you if you like working with individuals who prioritize your safety, School Bus Driver Jobs in New Zealand  show concern for the areas in which they operate, and look forward to seeing you every day. We can provide you with an excellent career path; NZ Bus offers positions in human resources, finance, marketing, IT, driving and maintenance buses, and almost every other area of the public transportation industry. Jobs for school bus drivers in New Zealand that sponsor visas are a great opportunity for anyone looking to work in one of the most sought-after locations on the planet. International drivers have a promising opportunity to work and stay in New Zealand due to the rising demand for professional drivers, particularly in the transportation industry. We have all the information you need to become a school bus driver in New Zealand in this guide, including work criteria, typical pay, perks, and locations of chances.

Job Specifics

  • Drivers of School Buses
  • Nation: New Zealand
  • No Knowledge Is Necessary
  • Is Experience necessary
  • Age Requirement: 21 Years
  • Sponsorship of a Visa: Yes

What You Need to Get a Visa and Work as a School Bus Driver in New Zealand Patronage In New Zealand, you need to fulfill several requirements to work as a school bus driver: An unrestricted and unconditional Driver’s license and a current driver’s license attest to two to three years of unsupervised, safe driving experience. C-Class Commercial Bus Driver’s License: To apply for a C-Class special driver license, a person must be at least 21 years old and have had an unrestricted driver’s license for three years. State-granted Heavy Vehicle License: Depending on the area, candidates must get an unrestricted heavy vehicle driver’s license from the local motor register, which the state grants. Medical Examination A medical examination is required to drive a commercial vehicle. Experience Some job postings state that no experience is necessary, but others may demand at least a year of experience. In 2024, the average salary for a school bus driver on a sponsored visa in New Zealand was NZD 22,648. A school bus driver’s typical pay varies according to their area, experience level, and credentials. On average, New Zealand school bus drivers make NZD 22,648 a year for working four hours a day.

  • Vacancies for Bus Drivers: 100
  • Hourly pay: NZD 27–27.76 (about PHP 1,473– 1,514)
  • Work Description Conducts standard vehicle maintenance and inspections, such as checking the water and tire pressures, brakes, lights, oil, gasoline, and windshield wipers.
  • keeps track of completed tasks and promptly notifies incidents, accidents, and strange events.
  • Capacity to drive a full passenger bus safely and effectively.
  • Requirements for the position
  • Three years or more of work experience is a minimum requirement.
  • Applicants need to have completed their high school education.

What is the salary of a school bus driver in Auckland

The average annual pay for a school bus driver in Auckland is around 34,900 NZD, however, this may vary greatly, with the lowest average salary being roughly 19,400 NZD and the highest average salary being 55,700 NZD.

  • Average Salary per Year: 34,900 NZD
  • Average Salary per Month: NZD 2,908
  • The lowest annual salary is NZD 19,400.
  • 1,616 NZD is the lowest monthly salary.
  • Maximum Salary per Year: 55,700 NZD
  • 4,641 NZD is the highest monthly salary.

The following are some advantages of becoming a school bus driver: 

  • New Zealand: competitive pay
  • Possibility of immigration from New Zealand
  • Adaptable working hours
  • Advancement in career and salary increases
  • Opportunities for training, frequently offered by businesses
  • Extra advantages, such as health coverage
  • Security and stability in the workplace

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Operating a bus or coach may be a thrilling experience. 

Every day, our drivers get to go to some of New Zealand’s most breathtaking locations and socialize with new people. Our team of NZQA-qualified teachers runs a specialized driver training school under our own management. This enables us to put those who we believe have the most potential for our company through the training and licensing procedures required to get a passenger endorsement and become a Ritchie’s bus driver. 

  • Our internal training school offers fully compensated instruction (for the proper applicants.
  • After completing the basic training, many jobs will be available (full and part-time).
  • There may be opportunities to drive for urban services, school runs, charters, and other similar driving responsibilities. 
  • After the interview, we verify the potential driver’s employment references. If everything checks out, they can sign a training contract that will pay you while they learn.

Driver Education A Chance to Advance Your Career

This enables us to put those who have the most potential for our company through the training and licensing procedures required to get a passenger endorsement and drive a Ritchies bus. And that’s not even after years and years of service; Ritchie’s drivers receive continual training throughout their careers. If you’re seeking a fulfilling career with prospects for continuous skill development in a secure work setting, please contact us to see if any positions are open.

How To Apply  

 If you’re interested in School Bus Driver positions in New Zealand, here’s how you can apply You must be either a New Zealand citizen, a permanent resident, or hold a valid NZ work permit. You should have held a Full Class 1 New Zealand driver’s license for at least two years.Apply on Following websites Further More Info 

  • LinkedIn

In New Zealand, start a fulfilling career as a school bus driver. Examine options offered by and start your journey towards an interesting future there New Zealand