Farm Worker Jobs in Canada

Farmworker jobs are fast-paced and require a responsible person to handle the multiple types of work well. PVW Farm is looking for two farm workers in Alymer, a rural area in Ontario. The job pays well, and no previous experience is required. It is a permanent and full-time role and not just seasonal. Please read the description below to understand further the requirements of the job and learn about the eligibility criteria.

Job Title

Farm Worker at PVW Farm

Job Location

Country: Canada

Province: Ontario

City: Aylmer


$14.39/ hour for 32 – 60 hours/ week

Job Description

  • The worker will irrigate, plant, and cultivate the crops. He/ She will also have to operate farm equipment and machinery to do these works.
  • The worker will also be responsible for harvesting, spraying, and fertilizing the crops.
  • Hoeing the crops is also a part of the job.
  • The worker will have to indulge in all other activities to take care of the crops and prepare them for sending to the market.
  • Also, the worker will have to sucker, weed and grade the produce.
  • An additional responsibility apart from taking care of the crops is cleaning the greenhouse. Good housekeeping will be expected from the farm worker.
  • The worker will have to work in a damp and dusty environment since it is outdoor work. He/ she will also have to work in hot conditions so that the crops are protected from the harsh weather and the produce is not affected.

Additional Details

  • The work is fast-paced with tight deadlines. The worker will have to do repetitive tasks as well. Therefore, someone who is physically fit and has good hand-eye coordination will be considered for the role.
  • Lifting heavy loads is part of the job. Therefore, the job can be considered physically demanding.
  • It includes a combination of standing for long hours and sitting, crouching, bending to complete the work required.
  • The compensation does not include transportation, and the worker will have to arrange for their own transport.
  • No previous experience is required. Also, there is no requirement for a certificate, diploma, or degree to apply for this job. The only requirement is proficiency in the English language. The reason is that the communication of the work required will be in English.
  • A team player will be best suited for this job. Since it is a permanent role, getting along with the other members of the team will be beneficial for both the employee as well as the farm.
  • The work starts on the 25th of May. The timings are from early morning to evening. However, the worker might be required to work on-call at times. The schedule can be flexible and will be decided when the worker is called for the interview.

About the Employer

The employer demands that the applicants meet the job requirements and are willing to do the job effectively.

The employer will only consider those who have a legal permit to work in Canada. Those who are not authorized to work in Canada will not be considered for the role since the employer will not be sending out any work visas to onboard an employee.

How to Apply

To apply, email your CV with your details at You can apply by the 14th of April 2021.